Kajol’s co-star in ‘The Trial’ Noor Malabika Das found dead. Details here

    Noor Malabika Das, who was majorly known for her role in the Kajol starrer The Trail has dies by suicide

    Kajol’s co-star in ‘The Trial’ Noor Malabika Das found dead

    Kajol’s co-star in ‘The Trial’ Noor Malabika Das found dead

    The Kajol starrer ‘The Trial’ was one of the most talked about shows in recent times. One of the actresses in The Trail was Noor Malabika Das. Today, the entire showbiz industry is in a state of shock and disbelief, because Noor Malabika Das is no more amongst us.

    As per the reports in the media, it is being said that Noor Malabika Das was found dead at her Lokhandwala residence. As per a source-based news report it Mid Day, it is being stated that, the neighbours of Noor Malabika Das’ had started complaining of a bad odour and, eventually, went onto immediately contact the Oshiwara Police station and inform them about the incident.

    Its also being said that, the police, who are in the process of conducting their series of investigations, have declared the death to be a suicide. And, as for Noor Malabika Das, she was found hanging on the ceiling fan of her house. The police officials found her medicines, mobile phone, and a diary in the room of Noor Malabika Das. As a part of the investigation, the police personnel have now sent her corpse to Goregaon's Siddharth Hospital for the autopsy to be carried out.

    The same report stated that the police officials had even tried to establish contacts with the family of Noor Malabika Das, but no one came forward to claim the body. The last rites of Noor Malabika Das were reportedly performed on June 9. One of the police officers had told the aforementioned publication that they had spoken to the family of Noor Malabika Das, who had informed them that they had returned to their native place two weeks ago.

    For the unversed, Noor Malabika Das, was a former air hostess, who eventually turned to acting. Besides acting in The Trial, Noor Malabika Das was also a part of many other shows like Walkaman Upaya, Siskiyaan, Charamsukh and others. 

    The All Indian Cine Workers Association (AICWA) has now called on Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and also Home Minister Devendra Fadnavis to conduct a systematic probe into the alleged suicide.