Koffee With Karan 8 Ep 1 Highlights: Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone's love journey from Ang Laga De kiss, Maldives proposal and more

    The one-hour-long episode reeled around Ranveer and Deepika’s love journey that made surprising and heartwarming revelations.

    <p>Koffeee With Karan season 8</p>

    Koffeee With Karan season 8

    Filmmaker and show host Karan Johar inaugurated the eighth season of Koffee With Karan with Bollywood’s ‘It’ couple Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone on Thursday. The show host began the show taking a deep dive into the love story of Ram Leela couple, who twinned in black for the show. The couple sorted out their sitting arrangement first and decided to sit close to each other. Ranveer revealed that he has not seen Deepika for a long time as she just returned from Fighter shoot after two weeks. The one-hour episode reeled around Ranveer and Deepika’s personal and professional life that gave an extra dose of gossip and much-needed revelations. Check out below:

    Ranveer revisits Sanjay Leela Bhansali set of Ram Leela

    Ranveer and Deepika graced the couch together for the first time post marriage. Karan called himself ‘tharki’ while complimenting the couple looking smoking hot. Then followed the conversation about how the couple started seeing each other. It was revealed that Ranveer was in a long term relationship and Deepika was single before they met on prep for Ram Leela. Ranveer said that a week ahead of the shooting, Kareena had to exit the lead role and he began batting for Deepika after watching Cocktail. He then described how he gushed over Deepika when she first entered the script reading session at Bhansali’s house. He also said that he got ‘440 volt ka jhatka’ when he tried to remove crab particles from Deepika’s mouth, the onset of that spark.

    Deepika Padukone reveals how her relationship began with Ranveer
    Deepika elaborated on how she and Ranveer began dating the next day of the reading session.“I was single and he just came out of the relationship. I wanted to be single for a while because I had come out of a couple of difficult relationships,” she said. Further, she said that she didn’t want attachment and hence there was no such commitment as such between her and Ranveer at that point in time. It was clear that she was in an open relationship with Ranveer, however, she didn’t use the actual term. Further, Ranveer admitted that there were three to four suitors for Deepika during that time. Then Deepika caught off guard when Ranveer said he remembered who she was seeing at that time. And Ranveer concluded by saying that he knew he was the one for her. The two started dating in 2012 and Ranveer proposed to her in 2015, then they were secretly engaged for three years.

    Kiss scene in Ang Laga De song

    The couple talked about one of the scenes in Ram Leela where the two are actually oblivious to surrounding and passionately kissing each other. Ranveer recalled the Ang Laga De song where in a particular scene, the two actually shared a kiss for a scene but it continued much after the cut.

    The proposal

    Ranveer depicted the exact scene of proposal in Maldives, while Deepika blushed throughout. On a sliver of sand and in the middle of the sea, he made the proposal. Meanwhile, he revealed that he acted quite immature when he didn’t consult with Deepika’s parents before the proposal. He said that Deepika got emotional and he felt like a king when she said yes.

    The “Next Chapter”
    Just a couple of days after the proposal, Ranveer went straight to meet Deepika’s family in Bangalore. Ranveer tried to charm her family on a dinner night which also had her close family friend. “Ideally, there should be Prakash, Ujjala, Anisha, me and Deepika, except that she chose this evening,”Ranveer said. To which Deepika added, “Because I was very nervous.” Further, Ranveer said that she took him by surprise when she herself made the revelation about the proposal in the evening. He added that Ujjala’s face went cold which triggered anxiety in him. The whole conversation began between Deepika and Ujjala behind the door which Ranveer overheard. He then concluded that it took time to make a place in Ujjala’s heart and he is now happy that it ended well.

    The Wedding video

    The couple shared their private wedding video in between the conversation. The video began with Ranveer announcing that this is the day when he finally made it and married Deepika Padukone. Deepika’s father Prakash was heard saying that Ranveer brings life into our boring family. Ranveer’s father said that it is destiny. Ranveer waited outside to see a glimpse of Deepika ahead of the wedding ceremony. Deepika opened up about how she is attracted to a person which most of the world has not seen. “I love the fact that he cries,” Deepika said. Then followed beautiful glimpses of their wedding festivities from pheras, mehendi, to reception. Karan got all teary eyed after watching the endearing wedding video. He realized how lonely he felt being alone and single.

    Does it take work to sustain marriage in this challenging film environment? The couple answers

    Deepika Padukone began by saying, "Of course it's work, I think any marriage is work. And it's work everyday. It's about two different people coming together. It doesn't mean that we have our fights, arguments and bad days, we do. The fact that we choose to power through it together, grow and learn from experience. Then move on is what makes marriage beautiful."

    Ranveer opens up about box office failures and backlash over his flashy clothes

    Recalling 83, Jayeshbhai Jordaar and Cirkus, Ranveer said, "I had not seen three major flops in a row. It was new to me. I was Cirkus released, I was not good but then I came to terms with everything happening with me and around me. I have come out of it with more gratitude in my heart than before." Further, Ranveer reacted to backlash over his sartorial choices. "I take everybody's opinions but ultimately I do what I feel like doing. If I feel like wearing some I just go with the feeling. I felt like I wanted to not wear those clothes where I didn't want people to talk about what I am wearing. I want you to talk about my films, my acting and about me." He later revealed that it was his wife Deepika's advice that resonated with him and he decided to go with it. "She said, 'You actually come off like a supremely confident person but you are actually underconfident. You should stop distracting people from who you are with these flashy clothes. And that really resonated with me," Ranveer added. 

    Depression chapter

    Deepika revealed that she felt the depression symptoms in 2014. Karan Johar also admitted that he felt the symptom at the NMACC event when Varun Dhawan noticed him shivering. He went home and wept. He said that he is on pills right now which his mother doesn't know about. He also talked about an incident wherein he saw Deepika crying incessantly on the flight just around Shah Rukh Khan's birthday celebration in Aligarh. Deepika said Ranveer has created "a safe space for me to be able to vulnerable". Ranveer added that it took a long time to understand Deepika's mental illness. He also recalled several incidents when he saw her crying and felt helpless. He called up Deepika's parents for help and Ujjala identified that she needed professional help.

    Game sequence

    During the imposter game, Karan ended up becoming the imposter dancing to Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham while Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh grooved to Disco Deewane in first round. Then Ranveer turned out to be imposter while the other danced to Halkat Jawani. Then followed the Rapid Fire which began with Ranveer. Deepika blew kiss to Ranveer when he gave an intelligent answer to the question about staying relevant. He said, "Ek chance de do, 12-13 saal kaam kiye ek mauka toh banta hai," when asked to record a reply to people who thinks he is not right fit for Don 3. On being asked about the most challenging aspect of being in relationship with another actor, he replied, "Making time." He recalled his theatre days when asked about the harshest thing a director told him. He gave credit to Deepika for "body goals" question. When Karan asked to tell one industry lesson he learnt the hard way, he said it is "Friday to Friday jeena."

    He considered himself the one who shares thirst trap post right on social media. He took name of Ranbir Kapoor to be third cast in a movie having him and Deepika in love triangle story. He spilled the beans that Karan wanted to make Sangam with him, Deepika and Ranbir Kapoor. He later took name of Shah Rukh Khan when asked who looks better with Deepika onscreen. On questions about AI replica of Alia Bhatt, he said, "he will use Sakhee, white cat Casper keywords," and for Deepika's replica he will not able to use any keywords saying that she cannot be replicated. He also revealed that contact name he uses for Karan, "Karan the gudda-Johar-director." He said hip thrust as his go-to step to dance party. He concluded the rapid fire round by saying that he chooses to dance with Ranbir Kapoor in dola dola re song in Ro cky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani if given option.

    Next, Karan Johar threw rapid questions at Deepika Padukone. She took her name as the Best actress in Bollywood today. On being asked about misconception people had about her, she said, "That I am stoppable". Karan then asked what one thing she has that nobody has in the industry, to which answered, " My sauce, the way I approach, everything that I do and I owe it to my upbringing and the fact that she was an athelete before I became an actor." She then talked about her onscreen chemistry with Shahe Rukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Irrfan Khan and Hrithik Roshan. After which Ranveer mimicked Hrithik and promoted Fighter. She said that she wanted to become leading lady of Ranveer Singh in Band Baaja Baraat, Gully Boy and Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani. She further said that she agree to disagree on his fashion choices with Ranveer Singh. Later, she completed the sentence, "A good husband is someone who...." with someone who can be emotionally available." She said 'give him pyaari" when asked the easiest way to win over sulking Ranveer is. She mentioned one vow to marriage that "just keep doing more of what we have been doing." She further revealed that Ranveer wakes her up in the morning with lots of love. She said that she takes inspiration from Roger Federer. She further commented that "she had Rocky Randhawa for life". At the end of Rapid fire round, Deepika said that Ranveer's lifestyle has improved. Deepika finally won the Koffee hamper and gave kiss to Ranveer to pacify him. 

    All about cute whispers

    Towards the end of the episode, Karan expressed his curiosity to know what actually the couple whispers about when getting papped. He also showed several moments of the couple where Ranveer is saying something to Deepika. "It's usually something that they (paparazzi) are saying something and I don't understand what they are saying, so I ask him what are they saying," said Deepika. Ranveer then added," I just want her to flash her smile. I will say all kinds of things just to make her smile." Later, Deepika summarised her relationship with Ranveer saying, "We keep our child in each other alive. It is on the weekends because we are so private but we also like dancing and letting our hair down. On Saturday night, it's just him and I, we have dinner and start jugalbandi with their music playlist. We are dancing till 4 in the morning."