Latest and Upcoming OTT releases in March 2024 Week 2: From Murder Mubarak to Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour

    Take a look at some of the OTT releases for you to binge during the second week of March 2024. 

    Latest OTT releases in March Week 2

    Latest OTT releases in March Week 2

    The second week of March will bring some interesting OTT content for you to binge on. From crime thrillers to documentaries, you will be spoilt for choices. We have also got your binge list curated for you.

    OTT Series / TV Shows


    Young Royals: 11th March 2024 | Swedish - Wilhelm's speech has consequences not only in the court but also throughout the school, as Hillerska confronts the worst crisis in the school's history. The prince and Simon are determined to be together, but what are they willing to sacrifice when realizing that their freedom and love might be at odds with the Royal ideals, traditions, and responsibilities?

    Turning Point - The Bomb and the Cold War: 12th March 2024 - From Luminant Media and director Brian Knappenberger, comes the definitive documentary on the Cold War and its aftermath post the collapse of the Soviet Union leading to the rise of Vladimir Putin. Featuring interviews with prominent politicians, journalists, and the people who lived through history, this series is an exploration of the decades-long conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union framed by current events that reveal the Cold War continues and the world remains on the precipice of nuclear war.

    Bandidos: 13th March 2024 | Spanish - After discovering an ancient map, Miguel (Alfonso Dosal), Lilí (Ester Expósito), Wilson (Juan Pablo Medina), and other bandits embark on an adventure in the Mexican Caribbean full of dangers in an attempt to discover a treasure that has been lost for many years. Will they be able to achieve it with an improvised plan and a bit of good luck? Watch Bandidos. March 13, only on Netflix.

    Girls5eva S3: 14th March 2024 - The members of the late ‘90s girl group Girls5eva – Dawn, Wickie, Summer, and Gloria – have reunited and recorded a new album, Returnity, so it’s time for the next logical step: a comeback tour. With no plan, tour manager, or venue secured, the ladies pile into a van and hit the great unknown, doing their damnedest to promote their album and get back on top. In the process, Girls5eva will grapple with life on the road, see their relationships tested, play a billionaire’s birthday party, sow their oats, confront parents they believe held them back, cross paths with the biggest pop star on the planet, and question if they want “the big time” again. Will Girls5eva fast-track their comeback and sell their tour documentary in the process? Or will the road destroy them?

    Chicken Nugget: 15th March 2024 | Korean - A woman steps into an odd machine and becomes… a chicken nugget?! Now, it’s up to her father and admirer to embark on a zany quest to bring her back.

    Iron Reign: 15th March 2024 | Spanish - In the Manchado family, betrayal is settled with blood. The series, starring Chino Darín, Jaime Lorente, Natalia de Molina, Enric Auquer, Sergi López, and Eduard Fernández, is coming on March 15.

    Amazon Prime

    Big Girls Don’t Cry: 14th March 2024 - Directed by Nitya Mehra, Karan Kapadia, Kopal Naithani and Sudhanshu Saria, the show stars Pooja Bhatt, Zoya Hussain, Lovleen Misra, Mukul Chadda, Raima Sen, Dalai Tenzin Lhakyila, Avantika Vandanapu, Aneet Padda, Akshita Sood, Afrah Sayed and Vidushi.

    Invincible S2 P2: 14th March 2024 - Invincible Season 2 returns March 14. Mark goes back to college, reads his dad's books, and nothing bad happens to him or his family.

    Disney+ Hotstar

    Grey’s Anatomy S20: 15th March 2024 - This is the first season that will not feature Ellen Pompeo. It has been helmed by Meg Marinis.

    Save the Tigers S2: 15th March 2024 | Telugu - The show Revolves around three frustrated husbands who meet by chance and how their rants over their marital problems set off a series of crazy events.

    OTT Movies


    24 Hours with Gaspar: 14th March 2024 - The search for a childhood friend leads Gaspar to a big case that must be finished 24 hours before he dies.

    Irish Wish: 15th March 2024 - When the love of her life gets engaged to her best friend, Maddie puts her feelings aside to be a bridesmaid at their wedding in Ireland. Until a spontaneous wish for true love causes her to wake up as the bride-to-be. Also stars Ayesha Curry, Ed Speleers, and Alexander Vlahos.

    Murder Mubarak: 15th March 2024 - A murder has happened at the Royal Delhi Club, and ACP Bhavani Singh has the impossible task of finding the killer when every member is a suspect

    Amazon Prime

    Frida: 15th March 2024 - An intimately raw and magical journey through the life, mind, and heart of iconic artist Frida Kahlo. Told through her own words for the very first time — drawn from her diary, revealing letters, essays, and print interviews — and brought vividly to life by lyrical animation inspired by her unforgettable artwork. FRIDA streaming globally on Prime Video on March 14.

    Disney+ Hotstar

    Taylor Swift - The Eras Tour: 15th March 2024 - Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour (Taylor’s Version), in its entirety for the first time with the song ‘Cardigan’ and four additional acoustic songs, arrives March 14 at 6 PM PT only on Disney+.