Stranger Things: For Eleven to win against Vecna, this other character needs to return in season 5

    In Season 5, Eleven's success against Vecna hinges on the return of a crucial character (Spoilers Below)

    Stranger Things (Source: X)

    Stranger Things (Source: X)

    In Stranger Things Season 4, set in the early 1980s, the residents of Hawkins face new supernatural threats. Eleven and her friends grapple with the aftermath of the Mind Flayer's previous attacks while contending with the mysterious experiments of the sinister Hawkins National Laboratory. 

    As tensions escalate and the formidable enemy Vecna returns, unexpected alliances emerge, setting the stage for a gripping showdown. Despite Eleven's valiant efforts, Vecna is wounded but remains a looming threat, likely plotting his revenge. With Season 5 on the horizon, a final confrontation between Eleven and Vecna looms, with the return of a crucial character hanging in the balance, their survival uncertain amidst the impending chaos.

    Dr. Owens stands out as a rare trustworthy figure among the adults of Hawkins, despite his ties to the questionable Hawkins Lab. In Season 4, he joins forces with Brenner for the Nina Project, aimed at aiding Eleven in regaining her powers.

    However, Owens' fate remains uncertain by the season's end. His return is crucial for Eleven's battle against Vecna, as he holds vital knowledge about Hawkins Lab, the experiments, and more. With Brenner gone, Owens becomes Eleven's last hope for uncovering crucial information about herself, her powers, and the looming threat of Vecna.

    Dr. Owens from Stranger Things (Source: X)

    Owens' Perilous Comeback

    Given his turbulent history, Dr. Owens' return to Stranger Things Season 5 offers no assurance of his survival. The series has toyed with death fakeouts before, notably when Owens faced danger at the lab in Season 2 and was chained within the Nina facility in Season 4. Owens might ultimately sacrifice himself to aid Eleven and her allies, imparting crucial information and possibly assisting with her powers before his death.

    According to Millie Bobby Brown, the highly anticipated fifth and final season of Stranger Things is slated to premiere sometime next year. However, filming faced a setback due to the WGA strike, halting production. With approximately nine months of filming left, fans will have to endure a bit of a wait before the epic conclusion hits Netflix.