Permanent Roommates star Sumeet Vyas finds it uncomfortable exploring TV space again, says 'It's laborious' | Exclusive

    In an exclusive interview with DesiMartini, Sumeet explained why he is no longer interested in exploring TV shows.

    <p>Sumeet Vyas</p>

    Sumeet Vyas

    Not many know that actor Sumeet Vyas, who led the OTT evolution from the front with Permanent Roommates and Tripling, kickstarted his acting journey with television shows like Kasamh Se and Rehna Hai Teri Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein to name a few. Later, he made his Bollywood debut with Jashn in 2009 and ever since then the journey has been fulfilling for him. The actor also enjoys working as a theatre artist and currently juggling between web shows and theatre production. Well, the actor is no longer comfortable revisiting TV space and churning out hours in the ‘laborious’ medium.

    In an exclusive interview with DesiMartini, Sumeet explained why he is not interested in exploring TV shows. “The thing with TV was it's a lot of hard work, television, because it's laborious, the process of creating these mini-episodes, and, you know, you'll be making four and five and six episodes and etc. So it's in a span of four months. There, you make an episode in two days, and you churn out your number of hours. So, I didn't find myself to be very comfortable in that space. You know, it didn't suit my temperament.”

    Further, the Permanent Roommates actor emphasized that it is his personal choice not that TV medium is any less. “I don’t want to be that person who criticises one medium to praise another that's not the right way to go about it. TV is a fantastic medium, and it has incredible reach to a large audience, you know, so, I don't believe in dissing that medium. Now they're doing something right, which is why they've been able to sustain themselves for these many years. Having said that, you have to see where you are comfortable.”

    Sumeet returned to his part as Mikesh in the popular TVF series Permanent Roommates with Nidhi Singh for the third season. The show which was released on October 18, 2023, has been receiving positive responses from the audience. Meanwhile, the actor is also experimenting with his roles and played some serious roles in the latest releases including Sajni Shinde Ka Viral Video and Bambai Meri Jaan among others.