'Shiv bhai I feel you': Abhishek Malhan says Bigg Boss is all about a bigger fanbase since the last 2 seasons

    Abhishek Malhan agrees with Shiv Thakare's statement that having a bigger fanbase plays a greater role in winning Bigg Boss. 

    Abhishek Malhan and Shiv Thakare

    Abhishek Malhan and Shiv Thakare

    Abhishek Malhan lost the Bigg Boss OTT 2 trophy to fellow Youtuber Elvish Yadav who had entered the season as a wild card contestant. However, despite being late to the party, Elvish became the winner of the show which left fans with mixed emotions. Now, in a recent interview, Abhishek has revealed that since the past few seasons, the show has become less about the game and more about who has a bigger fanbase.

    In an interaction with Telly Masala, Abhishek Malhan said, “People say that Bigg Boss has a wider audience but from the last 2 seasons, the show has become less about the game and more about who has a larger fan following. I saw that Shiv bhai (Thakare) has said the same thing. Shiv Bhai I feel you.” For the unversed, similarly to Abhishek, Shiv Thakare had emerged as the first runner-up of Bigg Boss 16 losing the trophy to his close friend MC Stan. Many fans contested that the rapper won because of a huge fanbase.

    Shiv Thakare in the latest interview had also said, “Game ke maamle mein bologe toh Abhishek ka zyaada tha, kyunki uska pehele din se tha. Par Bigg Boss mein kya hota hai, 16 ho, OTT ho koi bhi ho, main hota hai ki aapke fan following.”The former Bigg Boss Marathi 2 winner credited Fuka Insaan for having a better game but Elvish Yadav triumphed over him due to a larger fan following. However, Shiv also praised Elvish for being more real as a personality and shared a clipping of the latter saying that he would give his trophy to Abhishek if he won.

    Many netizens feel that Abhishek Malhan was the more deserving candidate to win Bigg Boss OTT 2 because of his contribution to the show from the first day. However, some feel that Elvish Yadav’s win is justified owing to his raw and unfiltered persona. Abhishek Malhan currently is in Delhi wherein he headed off to with his family after being discharged from the hospital.