Undekhi 3- What to expect from this season of Harsh Chhaya, Varun Badola, Surya Sharma starrer gripping drama of power, politics and much more….

    After the successful first two seasons of Undekhi, here’s what you can expect from the third season of the show that mirrors gripping drama of power, politics and…

    Undekhi 3 on Sony LIV

    Undekhi 3 on Sony LIV

    The year was 2020 when Sony LIV streamed a series called Undekhi. Produced by Applause Entertainment and Edgestorm Ventures, the series mirrored the two super-strong aspects of societal culture. While on one hand, there were the ultra-influential people who always think that they can do anything and everything and can simply get away with it, suppressing the weak notwithstanding. On the second hand, there are the oppressed ones, who, after years, of torture, finally, land up taking justice in their own hands!

    The series, which went onto be a runaway hit on the OTT platform SonyLIV, starred Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Surya Sharma, Anchal Singh and Harsh Chhaya in the main leads. Buoyed by the super success of the first season, the show’s makers went on to announce its second season.

    The second season of the show picked up from where the previous season left. The season saw the super-powerful Atwal family readying to increase their operations and form associations with international drug dealers, no less! With each passing day, the family not just got estranged, but also eventually found itself in a struggle of power!

    The second season also saw the introduction of a new face in the form of Abhaya finding Koyal and rescuing her. The flip side of the season’s storyline saw Teji being hell bent on destroying the Atwal with Daman getting onboard with her. The said season also saw Rinku teaming up with Papaji’s good old friend and the leader of Ghatak gang!

    The season ended with the reappearance of the vintage players in addition to the new young blood. The entire second season got wrapped up with each one’s undying thirst for power and revenge and not to mention… love and affection (in that order!)

    These days, everyone is busy talking about Undekhi 3. The reason? Well… the makers of the show had dropped the trailer of the show’s third season. And ever since then, the audiences just cannot stop appreciating the plot, but also are eagerly awaiting the release of the series.

    As for the show’s third season, one can expect the series to take a deep dive into the killings which had taken place at Atwal's place. In the same breath, let us add that, amidst all this, one can surely get a ‘deep-insight’ of the wide range of emotions which is bound to reign supreme in the Atwal household. Needless to say, in such a powerplay, where loyalty towards the royalty becomes the keyword, loyalty is bound to be tested here. Just as when you think that, your sense of understanding has ‘been there, done that’, be ready for yet another whirlpool of an emotional roller coaster ride! Wait a minute… hold on! Did we mention that, in the much awaited third series of Undekhi, one can also expect the big-biggest- disclosures of secrets amidst the Atwal family.

    The bottom-line of the gripping show will eventually lead the audience to the most awaited reply to the question which states that, whether the Atwal family will be able to save themselves and their ‘priceless’ skin from the ongoing series of murders or … will they ultimately land themselves up behind the bars! Do watch Undekhi Season 3 in order to get a revelation of all these answers... only on SonyLIV.