Abdu is a farishta, says Bigg Boss 16’s Nimrit; reveals she was deeply saddened with the ‘I love tatti’ controversy

    Post her eviction from Bigg Boss 16, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia has talked about the hurtful prank on Abdu Rozik which ruined their friendship.


    During her time in the Bigg Boss 16 house, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia was one of the lucky few who made friends for life. She was an important part of the Mandali till the end and shared a connection with each of her housemates. But she was especially close to Abdu Rozik . However, things changed between them when the singer started falling for the Choti Sarrdaarni star. Then on her birthday, Sajid Khan played a nasty prank on Abdu where he made Sumbul Touqeer Khan write ‘I love tatti’ on his back instead of ‘I love Nimmi’. Abdu was furious when he found out.

    Not just Adbu but even his team as well as host Salman Khan condemned this prank. Well, post her eviction, Nimrit opened up about the incident in a chat with Indian Express. She felt Abdu was the only contestant in the show who she had a true connection with. Nimrit shared, “He is truly a farishta, God’s child. I could pour my heart out to him without the fear of judgment. I was deeply saddened by what happened. However, I must say there was never an intent to hurt. I think sometimes we forget that things could be perceived differently. I regret that I should have been more mindful of it. Our friendship did take a hit but I think it all fell back soon. But then he left in no time.”

    However, Nimrit added that she believes the Tajikistani singer is her friend for life. We are pretty sure the Mandali will have a much needed reunion soon after the reality show comes to an end and MC Stan along with Shiv Thakare return to the real world. Well, Nimrit did meet Sumbul last night after coming out of the BB house, just like Abdu and Sajid caught up post their exit from the show.

    In your opinion, will Nimrit and Abdu’s friendship continue post Bigg Boss 16? Or would it come to an end like many other bonds do after the reality show?