Anurag Dobhal calls Bigg Boss 17 a ‘couple show’; claims makers twisted game to eliminate him

    Post his exit from Bigg Boss 17, motovlogger Anurag Dobhal has termed his eviction ‘unfair’ calling it a plan by makers

    Anurag Dobhal calls Bigg Boss 17 a ‘couple show’; claims makers twisted game to eliminate him

    After the shocking double eviction of Neil Bhatt and Rinku Dhawan, the contestants of Bigg Boss 17 took a breath of relief thinking they are safe for another week. However, Bigg Boss gave them yet another shocker when he asked current captain Aoora and former captains Isha Malviya and Munawar Faruqui to pick three undeserving contestants. After getting maximum votes from housemates, Anurag Dobhal was asked to leave the BB house earlier this week. Well, the motovlogger and founder of Brosena has now called out the makers for planning his elimination.

    In a chat with India Today post his eviction, Anurag claimed that the makers had been twisting the game in such a way that he would be eliminated– may it be captain Isha getting the power to evict one contestant or this ‘unfair’ vote out by housemates. Anurag was quoted saying, “We all know there are biases and how it has become more like a couple show. However, you cannot be unfair with contestants. I was the first one to raise my voice against it as I understood how things had become fake and scripted.”

    Anurag further accused the makers of using contestants till they gave content and then throwing them out, replacing them with wildcards. In his other interviews with different portals, the motovlogger also talked about Munawar’s love life which became a major highlight last week after Ayesha Khan entered the BB house. Anurag claimed that Munawar uses women and accused the latter of doing the same on Kangana Ranaut’s reality show Lock Upp. He went on to slam Munawar for making fake promises of marriage to ex girlfriend Nazila Sitaishi.

    Munawar was one contestant who was extremely happy about Anurag’s eviction. He even made up a song celebrating the latter's ouster. Meanwhile, Mannara Chopra was heartbroken. Ayesha, who recently became friendly with Anurag, also shed a few tears.