Abdu Rozik issues an official statement in his fiasco with friend-turned-foe MC Stan, says legal action will be taken against the rapper's fans who are mudslinging him

    Abdu Rozik's team has issued an official statement in the ongoing fiasco of the singer with his friend-turned-foe MC Stan 

    MC Stan Abdu Rozik

    MC Stan Abdu Rozik

    The ongoing feud between friends-turned-foe Abdu Rozik and MC Stan is turning uglier with each passing day. After Abdu made some serious allegations against the rapper which made a dent in their friendship, he also shared a screenshot of a tweet which spoke about him facing insults by Stan’s fans. The post also had the diss track of Emiway Bantai for Stan which enraged the latter’s fans. Now, Abdu’s team has released an official statement regarding the entire matter and has also said that they will take a legal action against the rapper’s fans who have been humiliating Abdu on social media following the fiasco.

    The statement consists of a lengthy letter which states the exact details on how the tensions began from the side of Abdu Rozik towards MC Stan. According to Abdu, when he visited Sajid Khan’s house, the latter made a phone call to Stan and Abdu also wanted to speak to the rapper. However, the statement said that the ‘Ek Din Pyar’ singer was cold towards Abdu and cut the phone abruptly. Later, when Abdu sent voice notes to Stan asking him to clarify on the same, the latter did not respond. Later, things took a turn for the worse when Abdu decided to attend Stan’s Bangalore concert.

    At first, Stan’s team told Abdu that the rapper did not want him at the concert. But Abdu Rozik still went to the venue thinking that there was some mistake by the rapper’s team. However, the statement said that the ‘Basti Ka Hasti’singer’s team mistreated Abdu and also manhandled his car, not allowing him to enter the concert. The statement furthermore mentioned that some music labels approached both MC Stan and Abdu Rozik for a collaboration but the former’s team stated that they do not wish to work with the ‘Chota Bhaijaan’ singer.

    Abdu Rozik’s statement stressed on the fact that they never wished to collaborate with MC Stan for any project. The statement further said that the other Mandali members told Abdu that Stan was miffed with him because the former did not click a picture with his mother whereas Abdu maintained that he has always been warm towards the rapper’s mother. Furthermore, Abdu was also informed that Stan was upset because the ‘Pyaar’ singer had unfollowed him on Instagram and also deleted a collaborated reel with him. Abdu on his part maintained that he never followed Stan in the first place and the reel was deleted from the rapper’s team instead. Well, now only time will tell whether things will turn uglier or whether there is still a room for reconciliation.