Anupamaa promo: Rupali Ganguly's character to start a new innings as an entrepreneur in this heartwarming teaser, watch

    In Anupamaa's new promo, Rupali Ganguly's character will be seen starting her life as an entrepreneur with an encouragement from her mother. 

    Rupali Ganguly Anupamaa

    Rupali Ganguly Anupamaa

    The makers of the hit show Anupamaa has introduced a new track in the latest promo. Rupali Ganguly ’s character will take a rather empowering turn in the upcoming plotline of the show after having her whole world crashing down. She will find her mother being her biggest support system in this heartwarming promo.

    Talking about the same, the new promo of the show sees Anupamaa’s mother telling her that she would have achieved success in life if she hadn't gotten her married so early. Anupamaa can be seen in a visibly heartbroken state due to her current situation whereas her mother leaves no stone unturned to motivate her. We then see the mother-daughter duo trying their hand in a catering business wherein they are serving homemade food to people’s houses.

    We can hear Kishore Kumar’s iconic song ‘Zindagi Ki Yahi Reet’ from Mr. India playing in the background of the promo which talks about good times coming after a tough phase. One can also see Anupamaa’s scooter getting punctured on the way to the destination but her mother motivates her to walk and complete the task. Take a look at the promo.

    The highlight of the promo is when lastly it is revealed that Anupamaa will be running her own dance academy with the help of her mother. She can be seen hugging her mother while breaking down into tears while the latter encourages her to embrace this new inning in her life. Many netizens found this new track to be extremely impressive stating that Anupamaa should live her life as an independent woman and not rely in any man.

    One of the comments by a fan said, “Finally!! I have been dying to see something like this! This story is about Anupama and her life. I don't know why people are forgetting that. I know there have been lots of things which did not go as planned. But it's a good thing they did not show her accepting Anuj back easily. I hope Anupama grows in her life and learns how to be confident and also mostly learns how to say NO. She shouldn't get sucked into the constant loop of baa bapuji bacche and sorry sorry drama. In this time and age, it's good to have a man who loves you and supports you but it's not a necessity.” Well, it will be interesting to see whether this new plot line will strike a chord with the viewers.