Bigg Boss 16: Former favourite Abdu Rozik called out as 'irritating' and 'overrated', draws ire for laughing at Tina Datta

    Abdu Rozik climbed the trends on social media but for all the wrong reasons. The Bigg Boss 16 contestant is being trolled for this Weekend Ka Vaar moment with Tina Datta.

    Bigg Boss 16: Former favourite Abdu Rozik called out as 'irritating' and 'overrated', draws ire for laughing at Tina Datta

    Everyone’s Bigg Boss 16 favourite Abdu Rozik is today raising in the trends for rather negative reasons. The 19-year-old Tajikistani contestant in the Bigg Boss house drew the ire of several fans in on social media for commenting on co-contestant Sumbul Touqeer’s looks and also laughing during Weekend Ka Vaar as Salman Khan schooled Tina Datta.

    While loyalties are clearly divided among fans, Abdu became the target of negative attention as a few viewers called him insensitive and irritating at times. In a moment from Friday’s episode, Abdu was seen laughing when Salman Khan took up Tina’s case and called her out for refusing to celebrate her birthday in the house citing that she’s upset over the passing of her dog Rani when she was clearly upset at not being chosen as the captain of the house.

    Tina took a second from her conversation with Salman to put Abdu’s giggling to an end saying, ‘It’s not funny’. Well, the clip has now gone viral and has been added to the list of reasons why fans are upset with Abdu.

    On the other hand, Abdu was also called out for saying that Sumbul looks like a man and many wondered why there has been no conversation or outrage about the same. Abdu, who was widely accepted as the most adorable contestant of the season, is now seeing several fans turn their back on him with a few even having issues with the friends he’s made in the house including Shiv Thakare, MC Stan and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia.

    A few even were concerned how Abdu isn’t being seen in the Bigg Boss 16 house anymore and how isn’t playing the same too well. Some even called out the show for being biased towards Abdu.

    However, Abdu fans retaliated in full force on social media against all the trolling and called out the many instances of insensitivity in the house that have simply been allowed to pass.

    Only time will tell Abdu Rozik’s fate in the Bigg Boss 16 game, however, he has gathered a strong base of loyal supporters no matter what happens on the reality show.