Bigg Boss 16 Promo: Ankit taunts Priyanka for her ‘I am always right’ attitude; their new fight leaves fans divided

    Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Ankit Gupta are each other’s strength. But every now and then they end up arguing because of their contrasting personalities. We will get another glimpse of the same tonight.

    Bigg Boss 16 Promo: Ankit taunts Priyanka for her ‘I am always right’ attitude; their new fight leaves fans divided

    Every year we see many new bonds being made and broken inside the BB house. But this time, the strongest friendship of Bigg Boss 16 is one which began much before the celebrities entered the reality show as contestants. We are talking about the sweet bond shared by Udaariyaan co-stars Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Ankit Gupta , who love each other but are ‘just good friends’. Well, they are always there by one another’s side. But they do face conflicts every now and then because of their clashing personalities.

    That’s exactly what will happen tonight. In a promo shared by makers, Priyanka will come and hug Ankit while taunting him about a cup of coffee that he brought for her earlier. Expressing his annoyance at her unnecessary comment, Ankit will hit back by stating that there is no point saying anything to Priyanka because she always thinks she is right while the rest of them are wrong. This taunt is nothing but a joke said in front of their friends Archana and Soundarya. But it will end up hurting Priyanka, who will confront Ankit about it later.

    When Ankit will make it clear that it was just a joke, Priyanka will ask him not to crack such jokes again. She will then accuse him of being sarcastic. Priyanka will once again start talking about how she's fighting for herself and also on his behalf in this show. Well, netizens are tired of their bickering and are now divided. Some are supporting Priyanka and feel bad for her. For instance, a comment read: “#AnkitGupta ne #Pari ko wahi comment pass kiye jisake liye wo WKW pe bash hui thi... Tum humhesha sahi , hum galat & wo bhi archana ke saat milke... I know ankit ke harkate koi dekhega nai...N blame pari pe aayega... #PriyankaChaharChoudhary #PriyAnkit.” A netizen also called the actor ‘heartless’.

    However, Ankit’s fans are blaming Priyanka. One comment read: “Priyanka will be soon out of the race and she has to blame herself for this " I, me and myself ". So many times she has been adviced but the way she treats Ankit, it's just not right”, whereas another fan shared, “Priyanka - m sab ke liye kitna karti hun m sab ki zimmedari nibhati hun m kitni achi hun m kitni sachi hun...sab mujhe Galt samjh te hain...oh plz take rest let him be what he is ufffff.”

    Maybe the two of them should take a break and play their own game. What are your thoughts?