Bigg Boss 16 Promo: Sajid Khan refuses to apologize after smoking room is shut down; gets a nasty taunt by Bigg Boss

    The entire house will have to face the wrath of Bigg Boss tonight when he finally takes a step to stop the contestants from smoking on camera.


    When rules are broken in the Bigg Boss house, contestants are punished. We saw this in every season and BB16 was no different. Soundarya Sharma and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia were punished for speaking in English, while Archana Gautam was evicted for physical violence. But netizens had one complaint-- why is no action being taken against Sajid Khan for smoking in the garden area despite multiple warnings. According to the latest promo, Bigg Boss will finally take a big step today by shutting down the smoking area.

    Two crew members will come into the house and block the area with a big wooden door. While the housemates will be shocked, Shalin Bhanot will feel guilty and will try to talk to Bigg Boss about this. Sajid, on the other hand, will refuse to apologize about smoking on camera. Well, according to another teaser, Bigg Boss will call the filmmaker out for the way he gives out duties. To make things easy for him, Sajid will make a chit system where contestants have to pick up a piece of paper and do chores written on them.

    Bigg Boss will hit back with a nasty taunt. He will ask Sajid if this is how he gives out duties on his film units as well. BB goes on to add that he doesn't want his house or the show to be left on chance, so he cancels Sajid's lottery system. Furthermore, Sajid can’t be punished for his actions as he is the king of the BB house right now. So Bigg Boss decides to punish Sumbul Touqeer Khan instead. BB removes her from the list of Sajid’s favorite contestants and instructs the captain to assign her a different room, where she will have to do all the chores and will also be unsafe from nominations.

    What are your thoughts on Sajid’s captaincy so far?