Bigg Boss 17 Day 28 Highlights: Salman Khan unleashes his fury at Khanzaadi, tells Katrina he doesn’t want to continue

    Salman Khan slammed Khanzaadi for ruining Diwali. But also gave the contestants a good news when he entered the Bigg Boss 17 house with Katrina Kaif

    Bigg Boss 17 Day 28 Highlights: Salman Khan unleashes his fury at Khanzaadi, tells Katrina he doesn’t want to continue

    The Diwali special episode began with a huge verbal spat between Mannara Chopra and Khanzaadi about latter’s growing closeness with Abhishek Kumar. Isha Malviya soon became a part of this conversation which led to a heated argument between her and Abhishek. The two came nose to nose while screaming at one another. Seeing this, Samarth Jurel aka Chintu jumped in and pushed Abhishek away. Mannara and Isha tried to calm him down and told him the latter can handle her fights. Meanwhile Khanzaadi continued to call Mannara insecure and jealous. Mannara also lost her cool and the two kept screaming at each other. Later Abhishek told Samarth he doesn’t want a love triangle and doesn’t want Isha to speak in his matters.

    This soon led to another huge argument and this time Isha jumped in. She yelled that Abhishek lost her because of the way he acts in such situations. Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif watched this from outside. The host then joined them on video call and called out Khanzaadi for lying about her feelings towards Abhishek for winning a task. He asked how Mannara is wrong if she calls this fake and tried to stop Khanzaadi from taking this argument any further. But she didn’t back down until Salman angrily yelled, “Aapko kuch baat samajh mein aa rahi hai ya nahi jo main keh raha hun aap se? Aap galat hai iss par.” Salman even stated, “Yaar tu mujhe maaf karde yaar Khanzaadi.” He then went on to slam Khanzaadi for ruining everybody’s Diwali while Katrina tried to calm him down.

    On the occasion of Tiger 3’s release, Tiger's Den was inaugurated in the BB house. The first competitors were Abhishek from Team Zoya and Sunny Arya from Team Tiger. They won one round each and got Tiger's scarves as their prize. Then they got to hear a special video message from abhishek's parents. Sunny also got a message from his wife and daughter. Salman and Katrina then entered the BB house to meet the contestants and wished them a happy Diwali. Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiyaa then entered the house in a car. Katrina and Salman left, while announcing that eviction has been canceled this week. Bharti and Haarsh then held a competition between Neil Bhatt and Vicky Jain, where the former emerged as husband of the year with his performance. Neil won and he got a chance to watch his parents' video message. Aishwarya also got to watch her parents' video message.

    Harsh, Bharti and Katrina weren't the only guests last night. Punjabi singer Sunanda Sharma also graced the stage. She had a fun chat with Salman before entering the house. She sweetly flirted with Munawar Faruqui through shayari. She then held a dance competition between Ankita, Rinku and Khanzaadi, which was won by rinku who got to witness a video message by her mother and son. The episode soon turned into a musical evening when Ali Brothers joined Salman.

    By the end of the evening, all contestants had received Diwali wishes from their loved ones via video calls. The weekend ka vaar started off hot and heavy but ended on a sweet note.