Bigg Boss 17 Day 30 Highlights: Ankita doubts her marriage; Anurag tries to exit without paying Rs 2 crore penalty

    Anurag Dobhal asked Bigg Boss if he could exit the show without paying the penalty because he was upset with Salman Khan for dragging Bro Sena’s name on the show

    Bigg Boss 17 Day 30 Highlights: Ankita doubts her marriage; Anurag tries to exit without paying Rs 2 crore penalty

    The episode began with Anurag Dobhal announcing that he wants to take a voluntary exit from Bigg Boss 17. He told Ankita Lokhande that he doesn’t want his family to be involved in the show. Shocked to hear the same, Ankita yelled at him to not say such stuff. She first asked him if he has Rs 2 crore which he would have to pay as penalty to the channel. The actress then told him that it would be disrespectful to his family and followers if the motovlogger decided to walk out of the reality show after coming so far. When Ankita later walked into the kitchen, she told Rinku that she feels like having something sour every evening nowadays. Rinku teased her while Ankita tried to remember when something happened last time.

    Report card day brought a shift in houses for the contestants. Mannara Chopra was ecstatic to be back in Dil Ka Makaan while Ankita was sad that Vicky Jain was shifted to Dimaag Ka Makaan. When Bigg Boss told Ankita that Vicky is very happy after being shifted, she replied, “Galat shaadi kar li Bigg Boss, lag raha hai, doubt ho raha hai.” bigg Boss told her that he's dancing. When asked what Vicky thinks of this new family, he called it A1. But while talking to Ankita, Vicky said he's all alone in his house. Ankita yelled at him for being so happy with the change in house and told him to forget that they are married. She even called him a selfish idiot. Later she told him he used her and broke down. Vicky tried very hard to console her but she told him she doesn't want to get stuck in his web. She left Vicky in splits when she Said she got him to Bigg Boss for herself, so she could use him. They later hugged it out.

    When Ankita walked to the Dil Ka Makaan with Munawar Faruqui and kept her arm around him, Vicky asked her if she would let him do the same with Sana Raees Khan. They fought again and he tried to explain that he's suffering with the shift because all his luxuries are gone now. Later at night she again called him selfish and cheap. He tried to hug her again but Ankita said he's always been this way and she just never understood. She later told Vicky that she wants to go home as she feels she came to the wrong season. Ankita further stated she has lost herself in the show.

    The next morning Anurag told Vicky that he had his own empire outside. But he feels bad that on the show he and his Bro Sena are getting trolled constantly, especially on Weekend Ka Vaar episodes. Anurag concluded that he is not here so people would mock his community. He further claimed that his community is being used for TRP. Anurag also had a long conversation with Isha Malviya. He later got into an argument with Rinku over curd. It led to a verbal spat between Neil Bhatt and Vicky.

    Towards the end of the episode, Anurag was called to the confession room. Bigg Boss asked if Anurag needs to see the psychiatrist and asked why. When Anurag said yes, Bigg Boss asked if he really needs a psychiatrist or is doing all this only because Vicky reminded him of some contract clause. Bigg Boss told Anurag that they are under surveillance and if a psychiatrist feels they need help, BB would not come in between. When asked if he wanted to talk to Salman Khan, Anurag said he is upset with Bro Sena’s name being used on the show. Bigg Boss slammed Anurag for his convenient approach and sarcastically said he will inform Salman that he should not give any feedback to the contestants. Bigg Boss then explained that the feedback given on weekends is provided by the audience, not makers. When asked if he wants to leave, Anurag said yes but only if he doesn’t have to pay a penalty. Bigg Boss reminded him that he’s under a contract. In the end Bigg Boss told Anurag that he and Salman can have a discussion over the weekend, which will be between them.

    Outside, all the contestants discussed how Anurag’s statements were way over the line. Later at night, Abhishek Kumar and Ankita got into a war of words. Abhishek accused Ankita of never cleaning the kitchen platform. They began shouting and Abhishek got really upset when the actress showed him the middle finger. Vicky tried very hard to stop them but the war of words only got worst. Before going to bed, Ankita and Abhishek talked it out.