Bigg Boss 17 Day 41 Highlights: Khanzaadi is desperate to go home, Orry makes an entertaining entry

    The 41st episode of Bigg Boss 17 witnessed some high-octane drama between the contestants and Orry's entry.

    A still from Bigg Boss 17

    A still from Bigg Boss 17

    The second Weekend Ka Vaar episode of this week was full of some high-octane drama. The episode saw the meltdown of Khanzaadi which did not go down well with Salman Khan. Apart from this, Orry aka Orhaan Awatramani finally made an entertaining entry on the show.

    Talking about the episode, Orry briefly introduces himself before he can enter the stage. Ankita Lokhande has a bad breakdown after her war of words with Mannara Chopra. Vicky Jain and Khanzaadi try to console her. Munawar Faruqui clarifies what Anurag Dhobal and Mannara said about his past relationship. Salman welcomes Vicky and Ankita’s mothers on the show. They express concern over their children fighting so badly on the show despite being so much in love with each other in real life. After that, the superstar also welcomes the paparazzi’s favorite, Orry who shares some fun banter with Salman. He flaunts his luggage full of 3 phones and some fancy products which Salman says he will not be allowed to take inside. He also reveals how he has escaped death twice while partying with his friends. Next after him, Sunny Leone and Abhishek Singh enter the stage to promote their new song.

    They enter the house through the TV screen and have fun activities with the housemates. All the male contestants perform pole dancing to the song. Next, all the housemates have to tell whom they cannot become friends again on the show until the very end. One by one, they take names but Salman gives Mannara and Sunny Arya a reality check for targeting Ankita and Abhishek Kumar respectively. He also expresses his displeasure with Khanzaadi for cribbing a little too much about her health.

    Khanzaadi says that she wishes to go home and has a bad breakdown. She runs away to the washroom area with Ankita and Anurag trying to pacify her. This behavior angers Salman a lot who warns her not to try this act with him. Salman announces that Jigna Vora has been eliminated from the show. The rapper says she wishes to see the doctor and desperately wants to leave. Salman clarifies to the other contestants that Khanzaadi’s medical records had been checked before she entered the show and she is fit and fine now. Rinku Dhawan and Ankita discuss how it should have been Khanzaadi who should have left the show.

    Munawar and Vicky discuss how people think they are just gamers and strategists now. Khanzaadi’s behavior becomes more paranoid as she demands to see the doctor. Mannara breaks down while talking to Anurag saying that she cannot force a friendship with Ankita if she does not get the vibe. Ankita tells Vicky not to make anyone understand from henceforth. Sana Raees Khan tells Mannara that just because she is cordial with Ankita that does not mean she trusts her blindly. Mannara confronts Vicky about Ankita’s statement and also says that he and his wife are scared of her. She also lashes out at Ankita when she enters the scenario. Ankita tells Sana that Mannara will always have an issue with anyone with whom she becomes friends. Mannara breaks down in front of Sana and Munawar after hearing this. Ankita and Vicky are called to the confession room wherein they see their mothers. The couple breaks down on seeing them.