Bigg Boss 17 Day 55 Highlights: Salman Khan welcomes new wild card Aoora, Sana gets evicted

    Take a look at what happened in the 55th episode of Bigg Boss 17. 

    A still from Bigg Boss 17

    A still from Bigg Boss 17

    The latest Weekend Ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss 17 was high on the drama quotient. We saw an eviction that broke some hearts. But there was an addition of an interesting wild card entry.

    Bigg Boss 17’s latest episode begins with Salman Khan continuing to bash Abhishek Kumar for his aggressive nature and asks Isha Malviya to avoid him the next time he comes to ask for her forgiveness. The host also calls out Mannara Chopra for acting childish and says that she should behave maturely like her sisters Priyanka Chopra and Parineeti Chopra who are a part of the industry. He also tells Munawar Faruqui that she is not his responsibility anymore. After Salman leaves temporarily, Munawar tries to console both Abhishek and Mannara. Ankita Lokhande says that Mannara’s friendship suffocates Munawar. Munawar tries to console Mannara who is inconsolable after listening to Salman’s words. Samarth Jurel consoles Isha who has also broken down.

    Salman says that Ankita and Mannara are clear about their rivalry. He further says that it's only Ankita, Mannara, and Isha who are clear about their equations and the rest appear clueless. Mannara starts crying due to Anurag Dhobal’s negative words against her. Salman calls out Khanzaadi for her bonding with Vicky Jain and Ankita which he says is of her convenience. Ankita says Neil Bhatt and Anurag don't voice their opinions and have a small argument with Bhatt. Salman welcomes the new wild card entry, K-pop sensation Aoora. He shares some fun banter with the singer and also shows him some messages from his friends before he enters the house.

    Khanzaadi gets a reality check from Salman on not respecting Bigg Boss as a platform. Salman asks the contestants whom the viewers like the most and the least. The majority of the contestants predicted that viewers might like Isha and Samarth the most. They further predicted that Aishwarya Sharma, Abhishek, and Khanzaadi might be liked the least. Sana Raees Khan gets evicted after which Mannara breaks down very badly. Arun Mahashetty taunts Vicky about creating a group inside the house and the two get into an ugly spat. Aoora finally enters the house and has some fun with the rest of the contestants.