Bigg Boss 17 Day 56 Highlights: Aoora has a fun banter with Samarth and Arun, Vicky and Abhishek have a bad fight

    Take a look at what happened in the 56th episode of Bigg Boss 17. 



    The latest episode of Bigg Boss 17 saw a combination of some fun and dramatic moments. The new wild entry has brought a high dose of entertainment quotient with him. On the other hand, once friends are now proving to be bitter rivals.

    It begins with Arun Mahashetty and Vicky Jain continuing their bitter fight. Arun then seemingly takes a dig at Vicky’s hair issue which irks his wife Ankita Lokhande. She lashes out at Arun for body-shaming her husband and the latter also gets into an argument with her. Arun however apologizes to Vicky for the same and says that he will be careful as to not to bring his health into a fight. Aoora says that he will only have an egg which leaves the other contestants surprised and urges him to eat more. Vicky and Arun continue to take sarcastic digs at each other. Aishwarya Sharma and Vicky also get into a war of words. Vicky tells Arun to mind his language while he is fighting. Aishwarya and Neil Bhatt complain about Vicky’s fighting.

    Munawar Faruqui talks to Isha Malviya about his issues with Mannara Chopra wherein it looks like a one-sided commitment to the friendship. He breaks down while talking to her. He also talks to Vicky about the same and again gets emotional. At night, Mannara and Munawar try to talk about their issues but the conversation does not reach any conclusion. The next day, Ankita gets into a fight with Khanzaadi over a tea but the two later reconcile. Aoora has some fun banter with Munawar and Samarth Jurel wherein he teaches them to greet funnily.

    Aoora’s fun time continues as he does a hilarious skit with Samarth and Arun. Samarth acts like the legendary actor Dharmendra and tries to hit Arun and Aoora. We see the Just Chill segment with Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan. They do a fun casting of the Bigg Boss contestants in a movie wherein Abhishek Kumar and Khanzaadi will play the lead roles. Aishwarya is upset after the segment and tells Neil that it has been shown that she is a dominating wife. We see a bad fight break out between Vicky and Abhishek. Both hurl very nasty things at each other during the same. It all starts after Abhishek calls Vicky boring. While she does not come between the fight, Ankita calls out Abhishek’s behavior to Munawar.