Bigg Boss 17 winner Munawar Faruqui shares ‘tired’ selfie after being detained for smoking hookah

    Munawar Faruqui was briefly detained last night in Mumbai after a raid at a hookah parlour

    Bigg Boss 17 winner Munawar Faruqui shares ‘tired’ selfie after being detained for smoking hookah

    Stand up comic Munawar Faruqui may not be controversy’s favourite child, but he is definitely in the top 10. Apart from his comic timing, shayari and relatable personality, this is one reason why he often makes headlines. His infamous affairs, which came into the spotlight during Bigg Boss 17, are one big example. Well, ever since he came out of the reality show, Munawar has been focusing on his music career. However, the king of Dongri has now found himself embroiled in yet another controversy. Last night, Munawar was detained briefly in Mumbai.

    Munawar, along with 13 others, was detained at a hookah parlour last night, in Mumbai's Fort area. This raid took place after a tip-off was received by the police about individuals consuming tobacco-based hookahs in the disguise of herbal hookahs. A senior official told PTI, “The police found stand-up comedian Munawar Faruqui and others smoking hookahs at the joint. We also have a video of their act. We detained them, but they were later allowed to go as the sections slapped against them were bailable.” Soon after being released, Munawar shared a selfie.

    Munawar Faruqui's selfie (Source: Instagram)

    He took to his official social media handle to reveal that he was ‘tired and traveling’. The location shared in his Instagram story was that of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Mumbai. The raid apparently began at 10 pm in the night and the questioning went on till 5 am. This selfie was shared at 4:55 am. According to reports, Munawar and the others were served notices before they were allowed to leave.

    The last time that Munawar got into trouble with the law was in 2021, when he was arrested by the Madhya Pradesh Police under the Hate speech laws in India. Back then, he had spent 37 days in jail. Meanwhile his fans and followers continued to support him outside, eagerly waiting for him to receive bail.