CBS strikes back: Young Sheldon, Blue Bloods and other shows that are set for February 2024 return

    CBS announces the return of over 15 series, including 'Young Sheldon' and 'Blue Bloods', in February 2024 following the SAG-AFTRA strike, alongside new dramas and reality TV shows.

    Young Sheldon poster

    Young Sheldon poster

    CBS is poised to bring back the excitement to television screens with the return of over 15 beloved series in February 2024. This announcement comes as a breath of fresh air for fans following the resolution of the SAG-AFTRA strike. Iconic shows such as Blue Bloods, Young Sheldon, and CSI are set to make their grand comeback, promising viewers the blend of drama, humor, and intrigue they've been missing.

    The network's decision to revive these fan favorites not only reflects their commitment to quality entertainment but also highlights the enduring appeal of these series. NCIS, now in its 21st season, is set to explore new mysteries, including a gripping 450th episode featuring the enigmatic death of a ride-share driver.

    New additions to the CBS lineup

    In addition to the returning classics, CBS is also introducing fresh content to its roster. Tracker, a new drama starring and produced by Justin Hartley, is slated to premiere in the prestigious post-Super Bowl slot. Based on Jeffrey Deaver's novel The Never Game, this series introduces viewers to Colter Shaw, a survivalist-turned-detective.

    Another exciting addition is Elsbeth, a legal drama spun off from The Good Wife. Starring Carrie Preston, the show promises to bring a unique blend of legal intrigue and character-driven storytelling.

    Reality TV and future premieres: Expanding the CBS realm

    Not one to shy away from diverse content, CBS is also gearing up for the return of reality TV favorites like Survivor and The Amazing Race. These shows, with their new seasons premiering in February and March respectively, continue to be pillars of the network's reality TV segment.

    Looking ahead, CBS also teased the launch of new series like the Kathy Bates-led Matlock reboot and the Wayans family's Poppa’s House, marking an exciting future for the network's 2024–2025 season. This blend of classic returns, new dramas, and reality TV showcases CBS's strategic approach to maintaining its status as a television powerhouse.