Divya Agarwal’s video as a gold digger is a slap for trolls who accused her of choosing money over love; watch

    Divya Agarwal has finally hit back at haters who accused her of being a gold digger after she got engaged to Apurva Padgaonkar on her birthday this month.

    Divya Agarwal’s video as a gold digger is a slap for trolls who accused her of choosing money over love; watch

    Reality TV star and actress Divya Agarwal ’s 30th birthday was extremely special and memorable. Not only did she dance the night away with her loved ones, but also got engaged to her beau Apurva Padgaonkar who went down on one knee and proposed to her. While her fans were very happy for Divya, there were several trolls who claimed that she cheated on her ex boyfriend Varun Sood . Some even accused Divya of choosing money over love and called her a ‘gold digger’.

    Divya knows that one downside of being famous is that with millions of fans, celebrities also have to deal with their fair share of haters. So she ignored these trolls. But today she took to her official social media handle to hit back at them with a hilarious video. The clip begins with Apurva sleeping peacefully on the bed. Behind him, Divya wakes up and quietly tiptoes out of their bedroom. She has an incredibly mischievous expression on her face which makes you wonder what she is up to. Well, Apurva catches her red handed!

    He wakes up to find her in their garden in the balcony, where Divya is digging up the mud in a potted plant with a stick. A confused Apurva asks her, “Jaana, what are you digging?” With an evil but hilarious grin on her face, Divya replies, “Gold!” She then continues to dig around in the mud. This video, which has left us in splits, is a hard slap for trolls who called her a gold digger. Divya has handled the situation marvelously. In the comment section below, model Riya Subodh shared, “Ahaahahahhaha aaahahahahh kya tamacha mara he public ko maza aa gaya😂😂😂.” Many netizens also lauded Divya’s sense of humour. One comment read: “Best answer to trollers😂😂”, whereas another fan wrote: “Took me a time to get it but this was epic😂😂.”

    Like Divya, Varun too has moved on in life. After Jugjugg Jeeyo, he is all set to romance Ananya Panday in his next film. Maybe it’s time for trolls to move on too.