Exclusive: Pratik Sehajpal calls Umar Riaz a strong competitor; feels he would have made it to Bigg Boss 15’s top 3

    Umar Riaz was evicted from Bigg Boss 15 on audiences’ votes after his physical spat with Pratik Sehajpal.

    Exclusive: Pratik Sehajpal calls Umar Riaz a strong competitor; feels he would have made it to Bigg Boss 15’s top 3

    Pratik Sehajpal was one of the strongest contenders of Bigg Boss season 15 and it was heartbreaking for his many fans to see him lose the trophy of the reality show this year. Well, another contestant who left a deep impact on fans, and even made it to Pratik’s top 5, was Umar Riaz . He was a worthy opponent but was eliminated much before the grand finale. After Umar tackled Pratik to the ground during a task, Bigg Boss left his fate on his fans. A poll was set up on Voot which asked audiences if it was fair to let Umar continue despite his aggressive behavior. On Weekend Ka Vaar that week, Salman Khan announced that most fans had voted ‘no’. Just like other housemates, Pratik was not happy with Umar’s eviction as he felt the latter was a strong competitor.

    Bigg Boss 15 : Umar Riaz aggressively tackles Pratik Sehajpal during task; gets nominated for the entire season 

    In an exclusive interview with Desimartini post the show, Pratik opened up about Umar’s eviction. He shared, “I would not say unfair or fair. I would just say ki janta ka decision tha dekho, main uss baat ko question nahi karunga. I’m sure Umar bhi uss baat ko respect karega ki janta ne jo call liya, usko respect karke hi woh bahar gaya. But I would just say one thing, ki uske andar itna potential hai uss bande mein ki agar woh show mein hota toh woh bohot takkar deta sabko and he would have been in the top 3 for sure (It was the audiences’ decision and I will not question that. I’m sure even Umar respects the audiences’ decision. But I would just say one thing that he has so much potential in him that if he was still in the show, he would have given others a strong competition and would have been in the top 3 for sure).”

    Pratik further added, “And he’s a very good guy, he’s a very hard working guy and uski mehnat se usne apna naam itna kama liya hai, usne itna pyaar kamaya hai ki woh.. kayi log jo show mein rehete hue bhi jo nahi kar paaye hain woh show ke bahar nikalne ke baad bhi usne woh pyaar kamaya hai. So I really respect that (He’s a good guy, he’s a very hard-working guy and he has made his name with his hard-work, he has earned so much love.. Even after his elimination he won more hearts than many others who couldn’t do it despite being a part of the show).”

    There were many fans who hoped to see Pratik and Umar as friends in the show. Well, now that Bigg Boss 5 is over, maybe they’ll hang out someday. Let’s wait and watch!