'Gal ke bajaye lips pe': Did Khanzaadi and Anurag Dhobal kiss on reuniting post Bigg Boss 17? Netizens are convinced

    Khanzaadi and Anurag Dhobal seemingly kissed upon their Bigg Boss 17 reunion. Netizens are confirmed about the same. 

    Khanzaadi and Anurag Dhobal kissing

    Khanzaadi and Anurag Dhobal kissing

    Bigg Boss 17 might be over but the contestants are on a reunion spree and some are also hosting fun parties which is seeing the cast reuniting once again. Recently, Khanzaadi and Anurag Dhobal aka UK07 Rider also had a heartwarming reunion but it seems they also accidentally shared a liplock afterward. Netizens are now convinced that they did share a kiss by mistake after sharing a warm hug.

    Talking about the same, Anurag can be seen ecstatic to see Khanzaadi in what looks like an office. She too goes on to give him a bear hug wherein he also lifts her in happiness. However, while keeping her down, the rapper bends towards Dhobhal and while she is aiming to plant a kiss on his cheeks, it seems like she accidentally kissed his lips. Take a look at the viral video.

    One of the netizens said, “Dude they kissed. Maybe it wasn't intentional. But it happened, Gal ke bajaye Lips pe kiss hogaya in the motion.” While a user said, “Jo b ho joker ny khanzadi ko kiss kardiya. Big boss mujhe hurt ho raha hai.” A netizen said that the rapper should be shipped with Anurag instead of Abhishek Kumar. The comment said, “Itni khushi abhisekh k sath kyun ship kar rahey ho iss joker k sath hi karlo acchi jodi hai.” However, some netizens also came to Khanzaadi’s support and rubbished the idea of her kissing Anurag. A netizen said, “She calls him babu bhaiya… what is wrong with people?” A user said, “The video depicting #Khanzaadi and ##AnuragDobhal kissing is false and misleading.”

    Meanwhile, Khanzaadi and Anurag both grabbed eyeballs on Bigg Boss 17 for wanting to leave the show. They also gave the grand finale episode of the show a miss. Anurag also made a diss track against the makers of the show accusing them of allegedly mistreating him.