‘He is in toxic relationship’: Bigg Boss 17’s Aishwarya trolled for insulting husband Neil, netizens call her a vamp

    Aishwarya Sharma’s ‘rude’ bheaviour towards husband Neil Bhatt on Bigg Boss 17 has triggered trolls

    ‘He is in toxic relationship’: Bigg Boss 17’s Aishwarya trolled for insulting husband Neil, netizens call her a vamp

    Every year we see many clashes in the Bigg Boss house between contestants. While some fight for ration, others argue over tasks and nominations. This is because each participant is playing as an individual to win. But netizens didn’t expect to see such clashes between happily married couples who entered Bigg Boss 17 together this year. Vicky Jain has been slammed time and again for disrespecting his wife Ankita Lokhande on national television. Well, netizens are now brutally trolling Aishwarya Sharma for constantly fighting with her husband Neil Bhatt. She is also being accused of insulting him, especially when he’s trying to have a reasonable conversation with her.

    Initially fans found Aishwarya’s behaviour with Neil cute. However, the perception of many audience members changed after last night’s episode. In the beginning of the day as they hid stolen food together, Aishwarya began shouting at Neil and called him disoriented. Things got heated up and she angrily charged at him. They screamed at one another as they stood face to face. We have seen this happen between many contestants in the past, but didn’t expect to witness such a situation with Aishwarya and Neil. Later post nominations, when Neil was trying to calm Aishwarya down, she began to mimic him unnecessarily.

    Netizens found Aishwarya extremely rude in these scenes and many have now come out to slam her on social media. One social media user tweeted: “He is badly in toxic relationship . Aishwarya ghar jaake footage dekhegi to uska uske liye perspective hi change ho jayega . Aishwarya aur ki fight ko mute pe dekhna padta hain”, whereas another netizen wrote: “Vamp in reel & vamp in real.” A third comment read: “Vamp is showing her true colours”, whereas a viewer wrote: “He is in toxic relationship 🙆‍♀.” Another nasty comment under the video read: “🤣🤣 yeh bb iss baar kisi na kisi ka divorce Kara ke maane ga 💀.”

    Some even called Aishwarya a red flag whereas other netizens opined that she is overly aggressive and an attention seeker. Meanwhile, many lauded Neil for being loving even during their fights, as he calls her ‘bachha’ and ‘baby’. What are your thoughts on Neil and Aishwarya’s constant clashes?