‘He thinks Sidharth fans will hype him?’ Asim Riaz gets trolled for revealing how Sidharth Shukla came in his dreams

    Asim Riaz has claimed that Sidharth Shukla came in his dreams before he learnt about latter’s demise.

    ‘He thinks Sidharth fans will hype him?’ Asim Riaz gets trolled for revealing how Sidharth Shukla came in his dreams

    Bigg Boss 13 runner up and rapper Asim Riaz recently made headlines when he claimed that the makers of the reality show didn’t want him to win. He was brutally trolled by fans who accused him of indirectly calling Sidharth Shukla a fixed winner. There were many netizens who even asked him to move on in life and to stop using the late actor’s name to get his few minutes of fame. Well, a new clip of his interview with Siddharth Kannan has now gone viral on social media, where Asim has revealed that Sidharth came in his dreams on the day of his demise.

    Asim shared, “He came in my dream bro. I swear to my mother, brother. I swear! I knew it before I had a call from one of my cousin, Roohan ne mujhe phone kiya. Usne kaha bhai news on karna. He didn't tell me. He knows how emotional and sensitive I am sometimes because maine uske saath 140 din uss ghar mein bitaaye the and I was really connected because I had no friend outside.” Asim shared that he never connected with someone the way he and Sidharth connected, where they fought for days but even laughed together for days.

    The rapper remembered that Sidharth came and hugged him in his dream the same way he had after he watched his journey video in the last week of Bigg Boss 13. It will literally give you goosebumps watching Asim reveal the unknown details of his dream. But there are many netizens who are accusing him of making it all up. In the comment section below, one troll wrote: “What now? So he thinks Sidharth fans will hype him?? What a joke man”, whereas another social media user shared, “He wore the shades so that ppl won’t the see the lies in eyes why didn’t you say this after he passed away why wait so long.” However, there are also a few who feel Sidharth and Asim shared a genuine bond. For instance, one fan stated: “Asim aur sid ka bond excellent tha , they both are fire. Sid ke alawa aur koi bhi hota toh asim se har jata.”

    Even though they weren’t on talking terms, Asim was one of the first people to arrive for Sidharth’s last rites. What are your thoughts about his latest revelation?