‘Mission me kaamyaab hue’: Rakhi Sawant’s ex Adil Durrani confirms being approached for Bigg Boss 17, netizens react

    In case you were thinking what’s next in the Rakhi Sawant and Adil Khan Durrani controversy, the latter could now enter Bigg Boss 17 as a contestant

    ‘Mission me kaamyaab hue’: Rakhi Sawant’s ex Adil Durrani confirms being approached for Bigg Boss 17, netizens react

    This year has been like a real life emotional thriller film for controversy's favourite child and actress Rakhi Sawant. She embraced Islam and secretly got married to her businessman boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani, lost her mother Jaya Bheda to cancer and then got into a long legal drama with her husband. Rakhi accused him of domestic violence and mishandling her funds. Plus an Iranian woman filed rape charges against him and Adil was soon arrested. Rakhi was in a bad space but she eventually moved on and celebrated her divorce. However, a month ago Adil returned to the picture.

    In a tell all press conference, he accused Rakhi of beating him up and making his nude videos amongst other claims. The actress hit back and soon Sherlyn Chopra also became a part of the controversy. She was initially on Adil’s side but soon moved over to Team Rakhi. Well, the current question on our minds is– what next? Thankfully Adil has answered this question in his recent chat with a paparazzo. He revealed that he has been approached by the makers of Salman Khan’s reality show Bigg Boss for the upcoming 17th season. Adil shared that he has some legal things to deal with which is why he hasn’t replied to the offer yet.

    In the comment section below, several netizens reacted to this revelation made by Adil. Some even accused him of fighting with Rakhi and coming into her life with this sole motive in mind. For instance, Bigg Boss 12 star Deepak Thakur joked, “Chalo bhai Mission me kaamyaab hue 😂😂😂😂”, whereas another social media user wrote: “Yahi toh maqsad tha is ka isiliye toh aaya tha rakhi k lyf me…” A third comment read: “Asal maza to tab ayega jab rakhi bhi Bigg boss main ayegii😂”, whereas another netizen wrote: “I toh think yeh saara drama isi ke liye racha Gaya tha…taaki yeh BB mein ghus pays 😂.”

    Well, if Adil enters Bigg Boss 17 as a contestant, we truly wish BB brings back Rakhi too for a final face off!