Naagin 6 promo: Tejasswi attacks Pratik Sehajpal aka Rudra; fans troll makers for using old scene featuring Simba

    After watching the latest promo of the upcoming episode, netizens have slammed makers of Naagin 6 for using an old clip from a previous episode.


    In the last few episodes of Naagin 6 , we got a brief look at the three new characters on the supernatural thriller series-- Amandeep Sidhu as Anmol Gujral who is Pratha and Rishab’s foster child but they think she is their daughter, her childhood friend and now fiancé Rudra played by Pratik Sehajpal , and Pratha’s real daughter Prathna, who thinks she is the professor’s daughter. All caught up? Well, last weekend, Prathna aka Sarvashreshth Shesh Naagin lost her foster father professor. She is now out for revenge and has no idea that Pratha is her real mother.

    At the moment, in this new track of Naagin 6, Pratha and Prathna have never met and don’t know that they are related. Both the characters are being played by Tejasswi Prakash , while Simba Nagpal is portraying the role of Rishab-- Pratha’s husband and Prathna’s real father. Well, according to the new teaser, Prathna thinks that her father the professor was killed by Rudra aka Pratik. She decides to attack him before coming face to face with her mother. But in the promo, there is also a scene where Tejasswi takes her naagin form and attacks Simba!

    According to the messages dropped by fans in the comment section below, this is an old scene from a previous episode, where Tejasswi aka Pratha attacked Rishab’s evil twin brother Shakti. Makers are now being trolled for using the old clip in a new promo. One comment read: “Omg shakti gujral in promo🔥why are u guys using old scenes in new promo lol”, whereas another message said, “In one promo u are showing rishabh and in another u are showing shakti😂🤣lol decide krlo phle kya dikhaana chahte ho.” Meanwhile, a third fan wrote: “Yrr atleast edit the promo well kitna paisa bcha liya? Using the shakti clip for rishabh death😮😮.”

    While some comments are slamming makers, many other fans are praising Tejasswi and Pratik’s performance as Prathna and Rudra. A few are also hoping that they end up together on the show.