‘Narazgi khatam kro’: Fans ask Sunil Grover to patch up with Kapil Sharma as he roasts corn by the roadside; watch

    After watching Sunil Grover roast corn cob on a cart, netizens ask him to return to The Kapil Sharma Show

    ‘Narazgi khatam kro’: Fans ask Sunil Grover to patch up with Kapil Sharma as he roasts corn by the roadside; watch

    Apart from being a versatile actor and a popular comedian with incredible timing, Sunil Grover is also a beloved celebrity on social media. This is because his content is fun and often relatable. His down to earth personality is another reason why fans love him so much. Well, Sunil recently took to his official social media handle to drop a string of images which featured him sitting on the floor and cooking chapatis along with a woman. The comedian looks comfortable and content. In the caption below, Sunil had shared, “Roti khaoge?”

    The actor has now shared a video on his official Instagram handle. This time, Sunil is sitting on top of a cart parked at the side of a road. It is raining heavily and the woman who owns the cart is standing behind him, smiling at the comedian. What is he doing on the cart? Well, in this viral video, Sunil is roasting corn cobs by the roadside while the main theme of Mission Impossible Fallout plays in the background. He is hard at work and is giving the corn all of his attention. When he finally succeeds, Sunil gets off the cart and waves at the camera.

    Along with this video, the comedian wrote: “Looking for next mission !” After watching him roast corn, many are now requesting Sunil to patch up with his fellow comedian and former co-star Kapil Sharma. In the comment section below, one netizen wrote: “Sunil bhai hum sbko ek life mili hai.... Aap legend ho... Kapil bhai k sath narazgi khtm kro aur hum sbko hnsao please.... aap kaho toh Kapil ko aapke paun choone ko bolunga....prr at least wapis aa jao....apke jaisi comedy koi ni skta...aur dusron ko hansana sabse bda punya ka kaam hai”, whereas a nasty troll wrote: “Aur छोड़ो The Kapil Sharma show😂😂😂.” Another suggested that Sunil could start his own show if he doesn’t want to return to The Kapil Sharma Show.

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