Rakhi Sawant gives a tour of her Dubai flat’s replica; netizens wonder where she got the money from

    Rakhi Sawant has shared a glimpse of how her and boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani’s house in Dubai will look when it is ready.

    Rakhi Sawant gives a tour of her Dubai flat’s replica; netizens wonder where she got the money from

    Actress and dancer Rakhi Sawant has made it big in the entertainment industry. She is a popular name known by all. But sadly she has faced several ups and downs in her personal life. After breaking up with Abhishek Avasthi, she got engaged to a man she met on her swayamwar show. They separated and a decade later she announced she is married to NRI businessman Ritesh. He was introduced to the world in Bigg Boss 15 but the two parted ways soon after the show. Well, Rakhi is now going steady with businessman Adil Khan Durrani.

    Back in May this year during an interview, Rakhi shared that her current boyfriend Adil is very serious about her and has even introduced her to his parents. That’s not all! She revealed that Adil even bought a house for her in Dubai and gifted her a BMW. Well, Rakhi has now given her fans a tour of her future flat’s replica. She started with the kitchen and stated that the luxurious house is more than enough for her and Adil. She then went on to show her bedroom. Rakhi explained that we all have just one life which is why it’s important to live it to the fullest.

    This is the reason why the actress took a loan that she will pay back in 7 long years. While some fans are very happy for Rakhi and can’t wait for her to move into this beautiful house, a few are asking where she got the money to buy it from. One netizen wrote: “I want to know her bank balance. Few months back she was crying dew to bankruptcy. Salman Khan helped her!!!!!” Meanwhile another comment read: “Kuch time pehle raakhi pass iski mom ki cancer treatment k liye paise nahi they.. Aur dubai may ghr... Ab😮.”

    Well, she has worked hard for it. We wish Rakhi and Adil all the best for their future together!