Rashami Desai reveals how all the hate she received for not getting along with late Siddharth Shukla affected her

    Rashami Desai reveals how she recieved a lot of hate for her persistent fights with late Siddharth Shukla. She also gets candid abour their equation post Bigg Boss 13.

    Rashami Desai reveals how all the hate she received for not getting along with late Siddharth Shukla affected her

    Actress Rashmi Desai has opened up about her strained equation with late actor Siddharth Shukla and reacted to all the hate received for not getting along with the actor post his sudden demise last year. Rashami and Siddharth were paired with one another on the show Dil Se Dil Tak several years ago but it was not their chemistry that made news. Several reports of them being at loggerheads frequently made headlines and later they weren’t seen sharing the easiest equation on Bigg Boss 13.

    Siddharth who had won the season had a legion of fans who supported his game on the show. Rashami has now spoken about receiving hate for her fights with the late actor and revealed how she was going through a tough time personally when Siddharth died last year.

    Speaking about the Bigg Boss winner and their fights Rashami told BBC Hindi in an interview, ““A lot of things were going on in my personal life. When I did the show with Sidharth , he knew about my life very closely and I knew about his. We used to fight because of something else. I used to always tell him that inside his large body there was a 10-year-old child. He was like that only, he used to live on his own terms and conditions.”

    Rashami who had allegedly dated the late actor as one point in the past, also said that the hate from people did not bother her as her personal struggles have made her strong and ‘heartless’. However, she did clarify that even after all the fights on Bigg Boss 13 between them, they had kept in touch post the show.

    “It’s not that after BB13 we didn’t talk. We spoke on and off. When I used to see that he was doing good in his career, I also used to feel good; we were connected. We had set a limit with each other on a mature level. People loved me a lot, and also hated me for what was happening between us. But our journey was only known to us,” she said.

    Siddharth’s death shocked the entertainment industry last year after the actor died due to a massive heart attack in September 2021. Rashami had previously said that the news of the actor’s demise had left her broken and despite their fights they did care for one another’s well being.