Tejasswi Prakash joins Rohit Saraf and Prajakta Koli in Mismatched? Says ‘Ye Naagin sirf doodh hi nahi..’

    Naagin 6 star Tejasswi Prakash has joined forces with Rohit Saraf and Prajakta Koli from Mismatched. But there’s a twist!

    Tejasswi Prakash joins Rohit Saraf and Prajakta Koli in Mismatched? Says ‘Ye Naagin sirf doodh hi nahi..’

    Actress Tejasswi Prakash has been winning hearts with her double role in Naagin 6 . In the beginning she left audiences impressed as Pratha and later successfully pulled off the character of her daughter Prathna. But one of her most popular avatars on the Ekta Kapoor show was Kiara Sharma. Well, recently Tejasswi gave her fans a special surprise when she shared a clip of Netflix show Mismatched , where Kiara convinced Dimple aka Prajakta Koli for a dance off. The caption below read: “Don’t be surprised if Dimple busts out some icchadhari dance moves on her next non-date🐍💚.”

    Much to our delight, Tejasswi dropped another exciting post on her official social media handle today. This time, it’s a cute still from Mismatched season 2 where Prajakta is lovingly looking at Rohit Saraf , who plays the character of Rishi on the show. But there’s a twist! Tejasswi is standing on Rishi’s other side as Kiara, holding his arm. Along with this adorable picture, Tejasswi wrote: “Ye Naagin sirf doodh hi nahi, cold coffee bhi peeti hai. Catch my Mismatch on @netflix_in’s #NetflixPlayback2022⏪.” This is a reference to the cold coffee that Dimple threw on Rishi’s face when they first met.

    These posts by Netflix are edited crossovers between the most popular shows and movies of the year. But this unusual yet exciting cameo of Naagin Kiara in Mismatched has left netizens wanting more! Many are now rooting for a project which features Tejasswi along with Prajakta and Rohit. In the comment section below, one ecstatic fan wrote: “If it’s going to be true🥺 that would be happiest thing”, whereas another netizen shared, “Want to see 3 of you together for any project❤️❤️.” A third comment read: “If this happens in real.. That would be the besstttesstttt thing.”

    In another hilarious clip shared by Netflix, Urfi Javed joined the cast of Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives during their jungle safari. Well, Netflix is definitely winning the internet with these cameos!