The making of a villain: Rick and Morty unravels evil Morty's dark beginnings in season 7

    Season 7 of 'Rick and Morty' reveals the long-awaited origin story of Evil Morty, tracing his journey from an oppressed sidekick to the series' main antagonist.

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    Rick and Morty

    Season 7 of Rick and Morty has finally lifted the veil on one of the show's most enigmatic characters: Evil Morty. Since his introduction in the first season, Evil Morty has been a character shrouded in mystery. The fifth episode of the new season, Unmorticken, takes viewers back to the origins of Evil Morty, unveiling the pivotal moment that transformed him from a mere Morty to a formidable antagonist. In a dramatic twist, viewers witness Evil Morty's breaking point, as he retaliates against his oppressive Rick, setting the stage for his dark evolution.

    Rising to power: Evil Morty's ascendancy

    The episode masterfully chronicles Evil Morty's methodical rise to power, detailing his intricate plans of abducting Ricks and Mortys across dimensions. This meticulously crafted strategy highlights Evil Morty's intelligence and ruthlessness, distinguishing him from the plethora of Mortys in the multiverse. His eventual takeover as President of the Citadel in the third season is depicted as a calculated move, further cementing his status as a mastermind in the Rick and Morty universe.

    Beyond the curve: Evil Morty's quest for solitude

    Post his dramatic escape from the Central Finite Curve at the end of the fifth season, Evil Morty's journey takes an unexpected turn. The latest revelations show him navigating the chaos of the multiverse, striving for a life of solitude. However, his plans are disrupted as Rick's relentless pursuit of Rick Prime inadvertently draws Evil Morty back into the fray, setting the stage for epic confrontations to come.

    The revelation of Evil Morty's origin story not only adds depth to his character but also elevates the narrative complexity of Rick and Morty. As the series progresses, Evil Morty stands as a testament to the show's ability to blend dark humor with profound storytelling, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this interdimensional saga.