The Masked singer's hibiscus bloomed then dropped, revealing reality TV royalty

    Luann de Lesseps of 'Real Housewives' fame is unmasked as the Hibiscus on 'The Masked Singer' with Nick Cannon's playful paternity jest stirring buzz.

    <p>Who's the Hibiscus in 'The Masked Singer'?</p>

    Who's the Hibiscus in 'The Masked Singer'?

    Amidst a flurry of nostalgic melodies and vibrant costumes, The Masked Singer welcomed its latest batch of incognito crooners, tasking the star-studded panel with deciphering who was behind the Hibiscus mask. The show, notorious for its elaborate disguises and celebrity reveals, did not disappoint as the Hibiscus bloomed under the spotlight.

    Judges stumped, a Countess revealed!

    The guessing game ran wild as each judge threw in their hunches about the Hibiscus's identity. From an ex-supermodel to a celebrated actress, the predictions swung wide, only for the unmasking to reveal reality TV's own Luann de Lesseps. Her vivacious rendition of It’s Raining Men had not only the audience but also the judges, like Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, who had correctly guessed her identity, showering praise. 

    McCarthy Wahlberg's fan moments didn’t just stop with the correct guess; her admiration for de Lesseps' performances, both on The Masked Singer stage and her anticipated cabaret shows, echoed the sentiment of many fans.

    Nick Cannon's quip raises eyebrows

    Nick Cannon, known for his playful antics and commentary, sparked a stir with a jest about the Hibiscus being his "future baby mama." The lighthearted banter added a touch of humor to the reveal, underlining the show's blend of entertainment and unpredictability. 

    As de Lesseps revelled in her performance joy, she hinted at a desire to keep her floral disguise, to which Cannon playfully responded, "I know a guy," keeping the atmosphere as alive as the show's costume designs.

    The next episode promises even more surprises with a "Trolls" night theme, as The Masked Singer marches toward the season's final reveal, ensuring fans stay glued to their screens, ready for the next unexpected celebrity to step out from behind the mask.