Times Elvish Yadav was embroiled in ugly controversies, from assaulting Maxtern to slapping a man in Jaipur

    Elvish Yadav might have amassed a massive fan base over the years but he has always had one foot in the mud of controversies. Here is taking a look at all the times when he made some noise because of these fiascos. 

    Times Elvish Yadav was embroiled in ugly controversies, from assaulting Maxtern to slapping a man in Jaipur

    Youtuber-social media influencer Elvish Yadav enjoys a massive fan following. His popularity catapulted even higher after he won Bigg Boss OTT 2. However, he has often grabbed eyeballs due to some ugly controversies. Let us take a look at a few of them.

    Assaulting Youtuber Maxtern - Recently Elvish was accused of brutally assaulting Youtuber Maxtern aka Sagar Thakur with some of his accomplices. It all started after the two got into a social media brawl. The video of the same also went viral confirming Elvish’s deeds. Elvish however clarified that Maxtern was threatening to harm him and his family. But it seems that the two have buried the hatchet after they were seen posing together for a picture.

    Slapping a man in Jaipur - In February last month, Elvish was seen slapping a man in a restaurant in Jaipur. He was heavily criticized for the same and issued a clarification saying that the man in question was passing personal remarks on him.

    Snake venom case - Last year, Elvish was accused of being a part of a rave party wherein snakes and snake venoms were detained. He was also allegedly accused of supplying snake venom. However. Yadav shared a video wherein he rubbished his involvement in this case.

    Body shaming Aashika Bhatia - He had shared a video body-shaming social media influencer Aashika Bhatia wherein he compared her to a truck. Later when she came to Bigg Boss OTT 2 with her, she admitted that she was extremely hurt by those videos. They managed to bury the hatchet and became good friends.

    Roasting the Tik-Tok community - Elvish had made a video roasting the Tik-Tokers and calling their content cringe. He along with Carryminati along some other Youtubers criticized the Tik Tok content. This sparked the entire Youtube vs TikTok debate.

    Passing racist comments - A throwback video of Yadav from London had gone viral wherein he was seen passing a racist comment on some people. He was also seen making a joke out of their skin colour.

    Negative PR - After winning Bigg Boss OTT 2, Elvish soon accused someone of paying Rs lakh to meme pages to make troll videos on him and starting a negative PR campaign against him. Many thought he was referring to Abhishek Malhan who had emerged as the first runner-up on the show. However, Elvish and Abhishek were seen sharing a good bond on Temptation Island.