'Welcome to Hollywood': When Kunal Nayyar shed light on Johnny Galecki's gum wall and 'The Big Bang Theory' secrets

    Kunal Nayyar disclosed the behind-the-scenes illusion of the high-rise flat stairs in The Big Bang Theory, telling Sunday Brunch's Tim Lovejoy, in 2022, that the stairs led "nowhere" and that Johnny Galecki used the hidden wall for chewing gum.

    Kunal Nayyar (Source: Us Weekly)

    Kunal Nayyar (Source: Us Weekly)

    "Down there is nothing." These words from Kunal Nayyar, who played Raj Koothrappali in the hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory, have left fans reeling. Appearing on Sunday Brunch on January 30th, 2022, Nayyar made headlines when he shared the secret behind one of the show's long-standing mysteries. As reported by The Independent, Nayyar's candid interview lifted the curtain on some unforgettable moments.

    The Stairs that Led "Nowhere" – The Illusion of the Big Bang High-Rise

    When host Tim Lovejoy inquired about the scenes showing characters walking up and down stairs in their high-rise flat, Nayyar was quick to dispel the illusion, saying: "The way it works is, you go down the stairs, and then they yell, ‘Hold’. They change the scenery from like if the apartment says 1a it suddenly says 2a or 3. They change the set so it looks exactly like another floor."

    The simplicity of this revelation may have struck Lovejoy speechless, but it's a stunning reminder that not everything in Hollywood is as it seems. Nayyar went on to explain how the show's stars would have to remain in place while the set was changed, creating the illusion of walking down multiple flights of stairs.

    Kunal Nayyar (Source: The Independent)

    Johnny Galecki's Chewing Gum Wall – "I'm not joking"

    But the stairs weren't the only intriguing detail Nayyar shared. He also quipped about his co-star Johnny Galecki's peculiar habit: "Down there is nothing. There’s a wall there where Johnny Galecki, for 12 years, would stick his chewing gum on. I’m not joking. So if any of you are Johnny Galecki fans and you want his dried chewing gum, I am sure it’s for sale somewhere on the internet. Welcome to Hollywood."

    What started as an amusing conversation soon turned into a treasure trove of insider knowledge. Kunal Nayyar, in his uniquely humorous and down-to-earth manner, opened up about the behind-the-scenes magic that made The Big Bang Theory a 12-season success.

    Johnny Galecki and Kunal Nayyar in 'The Big Bang Theory' (2007) (Source: IMDB)

    In a world filled with smoke and mirrors, it's refreshing to hear stories like these that remind us of the human touch and the funny quirks that exist behind the scenes. Kunal Nayyar's candid words prove that the illusion isn't just in the shows we watch but also in the hidden stories we're yet to discover.

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