The Batman - Movie Review | Robert Pattinson

    Matt Reeves’ directed The Batman which is a standalone film outside the DUEU has arrived in cinemas after a long wait. The movie introduces Hollywood actor Robert Pattinson as a younger version of the caped crusader set only two years after Gotham’s billionaire Bruce Wayne took up the mantle of the vigilante. 

    The nearly three hours long film which has Batman still learning the ropes of being a vigilante and gets roped into The Riddler’s plans of bringing Gohtam City to its knees as the villain goes on a killing spree targeting one corrupt government official at a time. As Batman tries to save the day he uncovers deep secrets about his family which could be tied to the killings. 

    While there’s a lot of expectations that the movie is pressured with meeting being first stand alone Batman film after Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Rises, there is also a lot of excitement surrounding the project. Find out how far did the film succeed in living up to these high hopes in our movie review with Subodh Mishra.