'Do Brands Really Think We Don't Have Eyes': A throwback to Millie Bobby Brown's controversial skincare video

    Millie Bobby Brown faced criticism for a skincare routine video that seemed less-than-authentic, leading to a humble admission and a pledge to take on board her fans' feedback.

    "Stranger Things" star Millie Bobby Brown encountered a strange thing herself when fans questioned the authenticity of her skincare routine video. The young actress, popular for her role as Eleven, had launched her vegan skincare line, 'Florence by Mills.' In celebration, she shared a video of her nighttime routine, which soon sparked controversy.

    "Do Brands Really Think We Don't Have Eyes?" - Questioning Millie's Skincare Routine

    In the video, Brown starts by misting her face and lightly scrubbing it, followed by a face wash application. "I'm really excited to use it because I do still feel some of the makeup on," she claimed. But as the video proceeded, viewers noticed Brown still had on her dark lashes and eyeliner.

    As reported by Mashable, the original Instagram video was removed but a copy persists on YouTube. Comments flooded in, with fans expressing disbelief and skepticism. "Do brands really think we don't have eyes, like for real?" queried one baffled Redditor, as another wondered if the video was some sort of mock-up.

    Millie Bobby Brown: "Not an Expert"

    Skincare mishaps aren't new to celebrities. Stars like Kylie Jenner and Shay Mitchell previously faced similar backlash, adding Brown to the list of celebrities accused of improper face-washing demonstrations.

    The young star, however, was quick to address the controversy. In an Instagram post, she openly admitted, "I'm not an expert." She explained that her intention was to replicate her personal process, but acknowledged that it didn't come across as intended. Brown appreciated the feedback and encouraged fans to continue sharing their thoughts, proving she's willing to learn from her mistakes.

    This incident shines a spotlight on the need for celebrities to portray realistic skincare routines, especially when promoting their own product lines. As Millie Bobby Brown continues her journey with 'Florence by Mills,' her candid response to this critique reminds us all of the importance of authenticity and open dialogue in the ever-evolving world of beauty and skincare.

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