Pics: Salman Khan exudes classic charm at Arpita Khan's star-studded Diwali bash

    Salman Khan steals the show with his classic style at Arpita Khan's Diwali party.

    <p>Salman Khan</p>

    Salman Khan

    In the heart of the city's festive buzz last week, Bollywood megastar Salman Khan made a charismatic appearance at Arpita Khan Sharma and Ayush Sharma's Diwali party on Sunday night. The night was aglow with the industry's glitterati, but it was Salman's effortless style that captured the limelight.

    Standing tall against a vibrant backdrop of oversized lotus prints in a medley of greens and pinks, Salman Khan was the epitome of understated elegance. His sartorial choice for the evening was a classic black button-down shirt, neatly tucked into a pair of maroon trousers that complemented the night's theme.

    The shirt's short sleeves subtly showed off his biceps, hinting at the star's fitness regime. His look was accessorized with a statement silver bracelet and a sleek wristwatch, which added a dash of bling.

    Khan's attire was a perfect blend of casual and formal, making him stand out without overshadowing the festive decorations that adorned the party venue. His polished black boots added an extra inch to his already imposing frame, and his hairstyle was as impeccable as ever, with his signature slicked-back look.

    The occasion was Arpita Khan Sharma and Ayush Sharma's Diwali party, which has become a much-talked about event in the industry's event calendar. As the brother of the host, Salman Khan's presence was not just familial duty but also a testament to the strong bonds in the film fraternity. The night saw a parade of who's who in Bollywood, all decked out in their festive best, but Salman's timeless approach to fashion made sure he was at the center of the night's buzz.

    The Diwali party itself was a spectacle of lights and laughter, with the elite of Bollywood coming together to celebrate the festival of lights. 

    In a world where fashion is often about making the loudest statement, Salman Khan's Diwali look was a masterclass in the power of subtlety. It wasn't just about the clothes but the confidence with which he carried them. As the night unfolded, Salman's presence was a reminder that true style is timeless, just like the festival that was being celebrated.

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