80s icon Tiffany crafted her first original Christmas song, Angels, in 2020

    Pop sensation Tiffany, famed for her 80s hits, released her first original Christmas song Angels in 2020, capturing the holiday spirit and nostalgia.

    Tiffany Darwish (Source: ABC)

    Tiffany Darwish (Source: ABC)

    Revisiting December 2020, we recall when Tiffany Darwish, the 80s pop sensation, added a new dimension to her musical legacy with her first original Christmas song, Angels. This marked a significant moment in her career, blending her nostalgic pop roots with the holiday spirit. At 49, decades after her teenage stardom, Tiffany ventured into the world of holiday music, showcasing her enduring talent and versatility. Recording Angels in her Nashville home studio, she collaborated with songwriters Margie Hauser and Mark Alberici. The song emerged as a reflection of her personal growth and the changing times. "The song is about hope and missing family," Tiffany shared, resonating with the global sentiment of 2020's unique challenges. She added, "It's raw and real and that's what makes it special to me."

    Angels was described by Tiffany as a "reflective, sentimental, yet optimistic look at the feelings of loneliness and isolation during these current hard times." This description not only underscored the song's emotional depth but also connected with listeners worldwide who were navigating the holiday season amidst a pandemic.

    Tiffany's personal Christmas touch

    Beyond her musical endeavors, Tiffany gave us a glimpse into her personal life and holiday traditions. With a low-key Christmas planned alongside her boyfriend, she reminisced about her past celebrations. "Usually on Christmas Eve I cook tamales... and we open one present," she recounted, sharing the warmth of her family customs. Her stories of whimsical gift-giving and cherished memories of her mother further humanized the star, revealing the person behind the pop icon.

    Looking back, Tiffany's journey from a teenage pop star to a versatile artist capable of capturing the holiday essence in a song is a testament to her enduring appeal and artistic evolution. Angels stands as a reminder of the power of music to connect, comfort, and celebrate, even in the most challenging times.

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