A timeline leading to Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's $15M mansion trial against former seller

    How Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's $15M mansion became a trial drama - A timeline of events

    <p>Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom (Source: Variety)</p>

    Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom (Source: Variety)

    Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom find themselves entangled in a legal dispute concerning their $15 million Santa Barbara home. They are preparing to face the previous owner in court, as revealed in court documents obtained by Us Weekly on August 9th. 

    The former owner alleges that he was not in the right mental state, attributed to pain medication, when selling the mansion to the singer Katy Perry and her actor husband Orlando Bloom.

    Legal Battle Unveiled

    July 14, 2020: Carl Wescott, an 83-year-old veteran and businessman, enters into a contract to sell his home to Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom.

    Legal paperwork reveals that Wescott claims he lacked mental capacity due to health reasons, including being on painkillers after recent back surgery and suffering from Huntington's Disease.

    Wescott alleges that the combination of opiate medications disoriented him, rendering the contract void or voidable due to his impaired mental faculties.

    Wescott emails Berkshire Hathaway, expressing his desire not to sell the home and apologizing for the confusion caused by his previous agreement.

    On the same day, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom sent a letter expressing their interest in the home. Wescott replies, explaining his situation and declining to sell.

    Perry and Bloom initiate legal action, with a lawyer's letter emphasizing their intention to purchase the home.

    Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom (Source: People)

    Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom at the Center

    August 21, 2023: The non-jury trial is scheduled to begin, marking three years since the dispute emerged.

    In 2015, Katy Perry faced a legal battle over the purchase of a Los Angeles convent, which led to damages awarded to her and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles after a judge invalidated the nuns' sale of the property.

    Get ready for some legal fireworks as Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's mansion deal heads to trial! It's like real estate drama at its finest