All you need to know about Tristan Thompson’s brother Amari

    Amidst the glitz and glamor of Hollywood and the NBA, Tristan Thompson's devotion to his ailing brother Amari paints a raw and genuine portrait of brotherly love.

    <p>Amari Thompson</p>

    Amari Thompson

    While Tristan Thompson's basketball prowess and romantic relationship with Khloé Kardashian often dominate headlines, few are privy to his deeply personal side. Behind the high-rising NBA dunks lies a poignant tale of a caring brother and his bond with his youngest sibling, Amari, who battles health complications daily. The tragic demise of their mother, Andrea Thompson, in 2023 further solidified this bond, thrusting Tristan into a protective role, overseeing his brothers Dishawn, Daniel, and especially, Amari.

    Amari's battle: A source of inspiration

    Life hasn't been easy for young Amari Thompson. Struggling with epilepsy, he faces challenges most teenagers can't fathom. Yet, his spirit remains undeterred. Speaking about Amari's daily battles, Tristan once mentioned to NBC Sports Chicago, "My younger brother fights each and every day. Most 16-year-olds enjoy life freely. For him, it's different. He motivates me." This motivation extends beyond the basketball court. Following their mother's death and their home's damage, Amari and Tristan found solace under Khloé Kardashian's roof. Despite their past differences, Kardashian's commitment to Amari is evident. She's been adamant about fulfilling a promise to the late Andrea Thompson, ensuring that Amari remains well-taken care of.

    The Amari Thompson Fund

    Amari's condition has not only sparked a fire in Tristan's heart for his brother but for all those affected by epilepsy. Partnering with charities like Epilepsy Toronto, Thompson inaugurated the Amari Thompson Fund, aiming to aid those grappling with the disorder. Tristan's vision extends to shattering stigmas around epilepsy and championing education as a means to create understanding. He fervently believes that with the right care and knowledge, those with epilepsy can lead extraordinary lives.

    Tristan Thompson (Source: TMZ)

    The Thompson brothers' story is a testament to the undying spirit of familial love. As 2023 saw Amari turn 17, the entire Kardashian clan came together to celebrate, spotlighting how the family stands united in the face of adversity.