Sebastian Stan’s 'Pam & Tommy' scene: the shocking truth revealed!

    Revisiting 2022, Sebastian Stan's wild scene in Hulu's "Pam & Tommy" had everyone talking. The secret behind the scene? A puppet-like animatronic, revealing the lengths Hollywood goes for authenticity.

    <p>Sebastian Stan</p>

    Sebastian Stan

    Remember 2022's "Pam & Tommy"? Ah, what a ride! One particular scene from this Hulu masterpiece had the internet in hysterics, confusion, and surprise. Yes, we’re referring to THAT audacious moment featuring Sebastian Stan and... his chatty, sentient sidekick.

    It's real! ...well, almost

    While viewers gasped, smirked, or simply stared open-mouthed at the lifelike appearance of Stan's member on screen, the reality behind it is even more intriguing. The crafty hands of Hollywood utilized an animatronic puppet to pull off this stunt. As showrunner Rob Siegel spilled the beans to Entertainment Weekly, ""That's not actually Sebastian Stan's dick,"" he remarked. Likening it to the legendary "Yoda", he quipped about its light-hearted and goofy nature that somehow deflected the intensity of full-frontal nudity.

    Sebastian Stan

    The making of the iconic moment

    Revealed in a candid chat with special effects makeup maestro Jason Collins by GQ UK, the "appendage" was, in fact, a silicone creation molded after Sebastian's actual... assets. The brilliance in its construction gave it a near-perfect, fleshy realism. “It was made from silicone and involved lifecasting Sebastian so that we could then sculpt the appropriate size and blend points," explained Collins. The application of this genius prop? A blend of strategic gluing, impeccable paintwork, and an admirable level of comfort between the actor and the SFX team.

    The unseen hero: Stan's puppeteer

    Imagine controlling a puppet of this kind! A puppeteer, with joysticks and wires, nestled discreetly behind Stan, brought life to this whimsical appendage. Showrunner D.V. DeVincentis aptly captured the sentiment, “That animatronic guy had to look in a mirror and sort of really act with Sebastian physically... I've never done anything quite like that."

    Now, take a moment and ponder over the classifieds for THAT job!

    Standing ovation for Stan & team

    Bravo, Sebastian Stan! Navigating through such a scene with grace, humor, and a pinch of audacity, Stan showcased why he's one of Hollywood's most versatile talents. And let's not forget the unsung heroes behind the scenes, ensuring every detail, no matter how controversial or delicate, is executed flawlessly.

    So, as we stroll down memory lane, let’s toast to the delightful, daring and downright hysterical moments that cinema gifts us. Today, we celebrate "Pam & Tommy" and the unforgettable whimsy it added to our screens!

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