Angelica Ross from American Horror Story reveals Emma Roberts apologized for insensitive comment on transgender issues

    Angelica Ross, a cast member of American Horror Story, brought to light an incident involving her co-star, Emma Roberts. According to Ross, Roberts had previously made a comment that was considered insensitive towards transgender issues. However, Ross also emphasized that Roberts had since approached her to offer a sincere apology for her words.

    American Horror Story (Source: Harpar Bazaar)

    American Horror Story (Source: Harpar Bazaar)

    Angelica Ross has now confirmed that her co-star Emma Roberts had reached out to her privately and apologized for her transphobic comments on the sets of American Horror Stories.

    The apology comes after the recent revelation by Ross about her co-star during an Instagram live, which led to Roberts facing major backlash online.

    The Apology: A Step Towards Reconciliation

    However, Roberts is not the only cast member of American Horror Stories that Angelica Ross called out during her Instagram Live.

    She also had called out the executive producer of the show Ryan Murphy for allegaled asking her for advice on a potential all-back-led future season of American Horror Stories but was ghosted by Murphy.

    Ross claims that she waited months to hear back from Murohy, and getting the run around from the studio about her new contract led the actress to miss out on a few work opportunities including a role in an MCU project.

    Angelica Ross (Source: NBC News)

    The Importance of Understanding Transgender Matters

    In the world of entertainment, stars are not immune to missteps or misunderstandings. Emma Roberts' comment, and more importantly her subsequent apology, serves as a reminder of the continuous journey towards inclusivity.

     Angelica Ross's gracious acknowledgment of the apology also highlights the significance of dialogue and education in navigating sensitive issues.