Angelica Ross spills tea on alleged feud with Emma Roberts and Ryan Murphy's cold shoulder

    Angelica Ross bares all about her experiences in Hollywood, alleging miscommunication with Ryan Murphy, an alleged feud with Emma Roberts, and her decision to leave Hollywood for a political career.

    Angelica Ross (Source: CNN)

    Angelica Ross (Source: CNN)

    Long before Angelica Ross dazzled us as the indomitable Candy Ferocity on Pose, she was recognized as a powerhouse activist and an adept self-taught computer coder. The TransTech Summit founder transitioned seamlessly from Pose to American Horror Story under Ryan Murphy's banner. However, recently, Ross disclosed some uncomfortable truths about her time in the limelight in an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Reporter. 

    Behind the screen: A glimpse of chaos

    Ross unveiled that not everything was peachy with Murphy. The communication gap widened over three years, leaving Ross in the dark about her status in the American Horror Story franchise. Ross also alleges unsettling behavior from co-star Emma Roberts, recalling an incident where she was publicly misgendered. But with drama comes evolution. Ross revealed her plans to shift base back to Georgia, hoping to embark on a political journey.

    "It's sort of a 'Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me' situation," she said when asked about her decision to leave Hollywood. Expressing initial apprehension about joining American Horror Story due to an initial lowball offer, Ross’s candid conversations brought to light her concerns about the show's dynamics, pay disparities, and lack of respect.

    Angelica Ross (Source: NBC News)

    The underlying politics of Hollywood sets

    Ross's time on American Horror Story was indeed an eye-opener. While she had a cordial relationship with Billie Lourd, her interactions with others like Emma Roberts raised eyebrows. From witnessing Roberts's assertive dealings with the director to confronting racially insensitive t-shirts worn by crew members, Ross's stint on American Horror Story was tumultuous, to say the least.

    When asked about Murphy's involvement, Ross mentioned his seldom presence on the American Horror Story set. In his absence, the dynamics seemed to lean in favor of Roberts, who Ross felt was essentially running the show.

    Unpleasant exchanges and a call for apology

    A tweet from Ross hinted at an apology from Emma Roberts. The call, as Ross described, was far from smooth sailing. While Roberts acknowledged her behavior, the sincerity of her allyship was questioned. Ross's frankness in addressing anti-Blackness and the need for Roberts to actively use her platform for support resonated strongly. "This girl is no damsel in distress, ever," Ross commented about Roberts, reflecting on their interactions and Roberts's audacious personality.

    In the midst of these revelations, Ross also detailed an incident where a lighthearted jest led to an insensitive remark from Roberts. While Ross's comment was playful, Roberts's response carried the weight of transphobia. With Roberts choosing not to comment on the story, it’s clear that Hollywood’s glittering façade often hides complex stories and personal struggles. As Angelica Ross transitions from the bright lights to the political arena, one can only hope her voice continues to resonate, inspiring many along the way.

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