Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's chemistry sparked ex-wife Jennifer Esposito's reaction

    Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's Oscar performance ignited a mix of reactions, including a cryptic comment from Cooper's ex-wife, Jennifer Esposito.

    Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga (Source: People)

    Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga (Source: People)

    The Oscars witnessed an intensely intimate duet by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, sparking widespread conversation and speculation. Their performance of Shallow from A Star Is Born became the talk of the town, blurring the lines between on-screen chemistry and real-life rumors. Jennifer Esposito, Cooper's ex-wife, briefly became a part of the narrative when she responded to a provocative Instagram post by David Spade. Spade's direct question, "Is there any chance these 2 aren’t f*cking?" was met with a simple yet loaded response from Esposito: “Ha.” Esposito later clarified her comment, emphasizing that her laughter was more about Spade's bold statement than her ex-husband and Lady Gaga. "I’m allowed to think something is funny," she stated, distancing herself from further speculation.

    Celebrity reactions and speculations

    The performance also drew comments from other celebrities, like former Spice Girl Mel B, who expressed discomfort for Cooper's then-girlfriend, Irina Shayk. "I felt so uncomfortable for Bradley’s girlfriend, oh my gosh," she said, hoping the chemistry was just part of the show. The discussion around Cooper and Gaga's relationship swirled amidst their professional collaboration. Cooper, known for his methodical approach, advised Gaga to "drop a little bit of joy" into their Oscars performance, adding another layer to their dynamic.

    A performance that stirred more than applause

    The Oscar night performance by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga did more than showcase their artistic talents. It ignited a myriad of reactions, from celebrities to fans, stirring up discussions about the nature of their relationship. As the curtain falls on their A Star Is Born journey, the performance remains a memorable moment, blurring the lines between reality and artistry.

    As we look back on that evening, it becomes a captivating snapshot of how celebrity interactions, both on and off-screen, can captivate and confound audiences worldwide. The saga of Cooper and Gaga's performance is a testament to the power of cinema and its ability to transcend the screen and enter the realm of real-life intrigue.

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