Bradley Cooper is ready to roll: Would do Hangover 4 in an instant

    Bradley Cooper expressed his immediate willingness to work on Hangover 4 during an interview on The New Yorker Radio Hour podcast.

    The Hangover(Source IMDB)

    The Hangover(Source IMDB)

    Bradley Cooper, known for his versatility in roles, expressed his enthusiasm for "fun" characters during a discussion with The New Yorker Radio Hour's David Remnick on a November 24 episode. Despite his recent focus on more serious roles in films like Maestro, the 48-year-old actor revealed he's open to revisiting his comedy roots. 

    When asked about the possibility of another Hangover movie, Cooper promptly affirmed his willingness to dive back into the acclaimed comedy franchise.

    Maestro (Source: Deadline)

    From Comedy to Depth

    Cooper pointed out that despite his shift away from traditionally comedic roles, he finds greater fulfillment in his current endeavors. Contrary to the perception that heavier films might be "exhausting," Cooper emphasized that, in his view, there's nothing more enjoyable than his recent projects like Maestro and A Star is Born.

    In his latest film, Maestro, where Bradley Cooper takes on the roles of director, co-writer, and star alongside Carey Mulligan, he portrays the late Leonard Bernstein, the composer, and music director of the New York Philharmonic. This challenging role demanded extensive research, the use of prosthetics, and hours of makeup to authentically capture the essence of Bernstein.

    Maestro (Source: IGN)

    A Striking Resemblance

    Jamie Bernstein, the eldest of Leonard Bernstein's three children, shared her thoughts on Bradley Cooper's portrayal of her father in Maestro: "We had no idea that Bradley had this level of intensity and commitment about a thing when he got it in his grip. There are even certain moments in the film, when he's in motion, where he looks so exactly like our dad it makes us gasp."

    Collaborating closely with makeup-effects maestro Kazu Hiro, an Oscar winner renowned for his work in transforming Gary Oldman into Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour, Bradley Cooper underwent a remarkable metamorphosis to embody Leonard Bernstein. This transformation spanned Bernstein's career, capturing the essence of the late composer from 1943 until his passing in his 70s.

    Maestro, directed and featuring Bradley Cooper alongside Carey Mulligan and Benny Safdie, debuted in select theaters on November 22. For global audiences, the movie is already available for streaming on Netflix since December 20.