Britney Spears says she regretted being a judge on the X Factor: What made her sign up for the show?

    Pop icon Britney Spears, in her memoir, The Woman in Me, opens up about her stint on The X Factor, says it was not all glitz and glam. Find out why she signed up for the show, only to realize she detested it.

    Britney Spears (LA Times)

    Britney Spears (LA Times)

    Despite her legendary status in the music industry, even Britney Spears sought a sense of direction in her career back in 2012. The 41-year-old pop star reveals in her tell-all book, The Woman in Me, that this search for a renewed professional purpose led her to the judge’s chair on the popular reality show, The X Factor, at that point in time. Joining a panel that included Demi Lovato, LA Reid, and Simon Cowell seemed like the perfect platform to reinvent and reintroduce herself.

    Camera frights & eight-hour plights

    Turns out, the glitzy lights and star-studded panel were not enough to mask Britney’s discomfort. She candidly admits in her memoir, "I think a lot of people thrive when the camera is on them, like Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani. I used to when I was younger, but now, I feel like I age backward when I‘m afraid. I was very nervous, and I didn’t like being nervous all day long.” The rigorous eight-hour shoots that required her to put on a constant act seemed to have drained the pop diva more than anyone would've anticipated. The role that once seemed like a promising venture quickly turned into a daily dread.

    Britney's current preferences

    The hardships she endured during her X Factor days seem to have shaped her present choices. Spears further says in her book, "Now, if you’ve got me a cute cameo on a fun TV show where I’m in and out in a day, that’s one thing. But eight straight hours of skeptical judging on TV? I absolutely hated it.” The candid confession sheds light on the transition in her career trajectory and her evolving preferences.

    Britney Spears (Source: Time)

    As the world dives deep into The Woman in Me, launched on October 24, 2023, Spears' personal revelations made in the book are grabbing the eyeballs and making headlines, reminding us all that beneath the star's shimmer, there's a human seeking her truth.