Calvin Harris sips Harry Styles' bathwater at BRIT Awards 2024: A salty surprise

    At the 2024 BRIT Awards, Calvin Harris was tricked into drinking a mocktail dubbed "Harry Styles' Bathwater" by host Roman Kemp, sparking a memorable moment.

    Calvin Harris (Source: X)

    Calvin Harris (Source: X)

    The 2024 BRIT Awards, hosted at the O2 Arena in London, brought not only a night of celebration for the music industry but also an unforgettable moment for Calvin Harris, thanks to a unique "drink" presented by host Roman Kemp. In a segment that blended humor with the unexpected, Harris found himself toasting with what was later revealed to be "Harry Styles' Bathwater," a moment that quickly became one of the night's most talked-about highlights.

    A Toast Like No Other

    The evening took an unusual turn when Roman Kemp, the 31-year-old host, offered Harris a special mocktail to celebrate his win. Without hesitation, Harris, aged 40, and Kemp clinked shot glasses filled with a cloudy concoction. The immediate reaction to the taste was mixed, with Kemp commenting on its saltiness and Harris expressing a surprising approval. The laughter and shock that followed Kemp's reveal of the drink's true nature – a nod to Harry Styles and the film Saltburn – underscored the playful atmosphere of the awards show.

    Harry Styles (Source: X)

    Celebration and Collaboration Shine Through

    Beyond the playful antics, the night was a significant one for Calvin Harris, who took home the BRIT for Best Dance Act for his song "Miracle," featuring the vocals of Ellie Goulding. Harris used his acceptance speech to highlight the importance of collaboration and gratitude, especially towards Goulding and his wife, Vick Hope. His acknowledgment of the seamless creative synergy he shares with Goulding, emphasizing how their studio time is devoid of awkwardness and full of productivity, was a testament to the power of artistic partnership.

    The track "Miracle" not only signifies another successful collaboration between Harris and Goulding but also cements Harris's status in the dance music scene. Despite stiff competition, including nominations for Song of the Year and Pop Act, Harris's focus on the joy of creation and collaboration was clear.

    Harry Styles (Source: Hypebae)

    A Night of Music, Laughs, and Unexpected Moments

    The 2024 BRIT Awards will undoubtedly be remembered for its celebration of music, the triumphs of artists like Dua Lipa and Raye, and the quirky moments that brought laughter to the audience. Calvin Harris's experience with the so-called "Harry Styles' Bathwater" served as a reminder of the unpredictable fun that defines the music industry's biggest nights.

    In the end, the awards night was not just about the accolades but the stories and memories made along the way. For Harris, it was another milestone in a career marked by hit collaborations, and for the audience, it was a night filled with surprises, proving that the world of music is always full of unexpected turns.

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