Is Harry Styles bald?! For all the fans spiraling, here's the truth about Harry's rumored haircut

    Harry Styles shaves his head: rocking a bold new look.

    Harry Styles (Source: Hypebae)

    Harry Styles (Source: Hypebae)

    A viral picture of Harry Styles circulating on X. The image seemingly captured Harry seated at a U2 concert in Las Vegas, reportedly alongside girlfriend Taylor Russell. Despite the unclear and zoomed-in quality of the picture, one thing is evident – Harry's familiar lush locks have been replaced by a striking buzz cut.

    This revelation sent Harries into a frenzy, unleashing a flood of memes and gifs that expressed their shock and dismay. Pop culture expert Deux Moi initially shared the original tweet containing the picture but it now seems to exist solely in screenshot form on various other users' profiles.

    Clearing the Air

    It looks like all those rumors were spot-on, and Harry has indeed gone for a buzz cut. Don't worry, though, he's not completely bald, so that's some good news.

    Harry Styles (Source: X)

    The popular pop culture account, Deux Moi, took to Instagram stories to clear things up after the original Harry picture disappeared from their feed. When a follower asked for the full pic of Harry, they kind of lost it, saying, "You guys are seriously making me crazy with this. 

    The picture is already in the subscriber-only highlights, or you can find it all over TikTok and Twitter. That's the one and only pic. He's not bald, he just got a haircut. It's from the YouTube concert, and it's not an old photoshopped image."

    Taylor Russell Joins Harry for U2's Las Vegas Sphere Show

    Harry Styles Trades in Iconic Locks for Shaved Head at U2 Las Vegas Sphere Concert, With Girlfriend Taylor Russell by His Side. While enjoying U2's greatest hits, the singer and actress publicly affirmed their romantic relationship with affectionate displays. Witnesses at last week's show shared that Harry Styles and Taylor Russell were inseparable, sharing numerous kisses and capturing the moment with selfies throughout the event.

    With a bunch of their friends around, the vibe was just pure joy, and as the night rolled on, they all ended up in an impromptu dance circle, wrapping up the evening on a super high note. Harry Styles' bold hair transformation, coupled with a delightful night out with Taylor Russell, has not only sparked curiosity but also captured the hearts of fans and onlookers alike.